Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sincerest Apologies

Ok.. first of all, I would like to apologize to anybody who was offended by my previous post and especially Lok who has openly declared that it was him who sent me that message. I send out my sincerest apologies because I did not mean for my post to be targetted at anyone. I was merely targetting the words and the meaning of that sentence that's all. I would NEVER talk bad about a friend who I had something against on my blog before confronting him/her personally. I will tell them personally or I'll just bitch about them behind their backs to other friends. :p But NEVER on my blog. Anyway, after talking to a couple of friends, I realised the wrong of my ways. To cut things short, I was wrong in limiting the word can to physical abilities alone. I failed to recognize the usage of that word in terms of responsibility and self abilities such as having a prior engagement and hence you can't make it to another event.

On a brighter note, I went to a client's place for the first time today! YAY! WHOOPIE DOO! But I was there for only 2 hours at max. Haha... Oh oh... I tell you, it was SO demotivating during the meeting with the client. The client passed out his business card, and my seniors repaid the honour by passing him theirs. Then guess what?! He put his hands out to "take" mine and surprise surprise, I have no name card. SIGH!!! Yes yes, I'm a newbie hence I have no card. I just smiled and took my seat on the chair for juniors who don't have business cards. :p Haha... well, I took at seat larh. If not what am I supposed to tell him?? "I'm so sorry Mr. Manager, I'm too noob for them to give me a business card but I'll be glad to give you me e-mail address and phone number if you really want to know me better." How's that for starters? :p Don't get me wrong yah, I have nothing against EY for not giving me a business card. After all, I'm not even a confirmed staff and I'm a mere Associate 2. If i were in their shoes, I would do the same thing.

On an even brighter note, I've officiallly GRADUATED! For those that have not congratulated me yet, this is a very good time to do so. :p I didn't take any photos with my collegemates with my camera because I was too lazy to take it out. But I did take a few with Tin Yoong's camera. I only have 2 pics with me at the moment because Yoong is such a lazy ass the didn't want to pass them to me last night. Hope to get them soon. For now, here's my entire "collection".

Me, Jennifer and Yoong

Heng Soon, Jolyn and me

Monday, May 30, 2005

When 2 become 1

Last Friday night, a couple of us went out for a late night movie, Madagascar. I realised something while inviting my friends to come for the movie. I booked 18 tickets via the net for the movie because I was expecting more than 12 people so I just asked as many friends as I could. Anyway, 1 of the replies I received was "I doubt I can make it because my gf can't come." Well, not exactly in that way but the meaning remains with the people involved remaining anounymous. Let me explain that I have TOTALLY nothing against my friend for saying that. That isn't the first time I've received such a sms and I know I've probably used that line more than once or twice while I was attached too.

What I would like to ask is when do 2 individuals end up being 1? It's like saying "Oh, my right hand can't touch floor because my left hand is touching the ceiling" or even "I can't be in Penang while I'm in Selangor." The difference is we are 2 individually different people, so what does Person A not being able to come got to do with Person B not coming? Of course I do understand that being a couple, maybe your girlfriend wants to watch the movie hence you don't want to watch it with your friends in order to watch it with her in the near future. BUT that does not mean you can't it merely means you don't want to.

Again, I stress that I have nothing against people who say that sentence because like I said, it's a perfectly normal thing to say when you're attached. I've definitely used it before and I ain't shy to admit it, but I'm just questioning it's "truthfulness" or "suitability" in such situations. I'll probably use that sentence sub-conciously if/when I get attached again but I just don't think it's the most appropriate reason to give your friends. I definitely think that a better answer or response would be "Gf can't come and I'm hoping to catch the movie with her so I'll pass." I hope no offense has been taken because I really don't mean any. I'm just questioning it out of all truthfulness.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Achievement of the year.....

WOOHOO!!! I can't believe this. I actually made Xiaxue reply to a comment I put up regarding one of her posts. :p Hahaha, actually this is probably my second or is it my virgin reply to a post of hers? I can't remember but I did e-mail her once regarding a post of hers regarding Christianity. It's not as though I've always been wanting to comment on her blog, I actually posted this time because I was awfully bored at work. :p Well, here's my comment and her reply. I don't believe she replied well, it's not as though I insulted her in anyway. I was merely stating my own opinion in what I believe was rather non-aggressively but whatever. Hahaha... yes, I do feel rather hard done by. I mean is it so wrong for someone to post up their own opinion on another person's blog? We all do it in real life, why not on cyberspace? If someone I disagree with someone's comment during a conversation, I would definitely state my argument, wouldn't you? Just because I don't agree with ones opinion does not mean I am insulting you. Furthermore, I didn't even say I'm The-All-Knowing-Kev. If you actually read her post, you'd realise that I'm not the one "questioning the rational" of things I can't do or don't believe in. Sigh... ok ok... I know I'm rambling and I could probably go on and on regarding this matter forever but I'll choose to stop now.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I found this brilliant Malaysian blogger, Kennysia. I think he's an incredible blogger. I give him props for his sense of humour. I had such a great time reading his previous posts and of course his current ones. If you guys are free you should go and check his blog out. Utterly entertaining, that's my 2 cents larh.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wooing Present

There are many presents a guy can buy for a girl, especially if the guy is wooing the girl. Recently, my friend told me that a guy bought her a Shih Tzu as a present. My jaw practically dropped to the floor. Wow! A Shih Tzu or any pure breed isn't cheap. But well, it isn't my money so what the heck. Anyway, my friend said that it isn't the price and present that counts but the thought put into it. It was then I realised that there is actually SO MUCH thought put into buying a dog as a present. I honestly feel that a dog is one of the BEST presents a guy can buy for a girl he's after.

Buying a dog for a girl gives you every single reason to visit the girl more often. Whenever you feel like paying her a visit, just give the excuse that you want to see the dog. It's a little hard for her to say "No" you see. You did pay for the dog after all. So in a way she should/might/would feel a little indebted to you paying for the dog that she'll do her best to allow you to come visit. See, a dog would secure you more opportunities to visit and see the girl of your heart.

In addition to that, caring for the dog together might actually encourage some mutual feelings between the both of you. Caring for a pet is sort of like raising a baby except no human sex or labour involved at the start. Haha... so getting a puppy would be like training to care for a future baby. A lot of emotions and feelings will be involved, therefore it is possible that special feelings might develop between you and your target through constant care for the puppy. Imagine the joys that you 2 would share playing with the puppy and teaching the puppy new tricks and also the tears she'll shed on your shoulder when the puppy gets sick or whatever.

Of course diamond rings and other expensive gifts would also work with most girls but I just feel that a dog is really an ideal present if you have the money. Sad to say, I don't and I don't think I would spend so much money on a girl that I'm chasing. Honestly speaking, I don't think I'm good at wooing girls. Not only am I unwilling to spend too much money on her, but I doubt I have the charisma, sense of humour and whatever else is need to be a good wooer. Haha.... :p Well, we'll see in the future. I hope no future candidates will be reading this post. Hahaha...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Working Kev.

Urgh... my first ever post as a working man. Hrm... my first day in Ernst & Young was alright. Attended a short briefing to fill in some forms and I was taken to my Adminstrative Officer (AO). My AO took my to collect my laptop and my flash card as well as briefed me on some programs that I needed to access and also which manager I was assigned too for my first assignment. Wow, my first assignment already?! I did not expect that, but I guess this is the working world. My manager for this project assigned me a senior to guide me through my first assignment and I'm really thankful and grateful that she did. My senior is Chia Ying, she's senior from DJ 4 years elder than I am and she has a brother who's 1 year my senior whom I actually know, Vince Chang. What a small world. So anyway, my first day was rather uneventful. She just gave me some files to read up for our upcoming project. Gosh, I got so bored so I merely pretended to read it after a while. :p Haha...

Anyway, my second day was better. Chia Ying took the initiative to sit beside me so I could ask her any questions if I had any. I mean it's not like she's obligated to help me out because technically she's only my senior for the project and it's not like she's my direct mentor or something but I can see she's actually trying to ease my transition into the department as much as possible. She even invited me to join them for lunch that day. Ok lar, I guess it's a very small matter and almost everyone would do that, but just the fact that she actually did it is good enough for me. ANYWAY, after reading the files, I just did a summary of what I need to do for this upcoming project and I ended my day. Then I went for dinner with Soo Yee at SS2, "Wai Sik Kai" or known to me as WSK or to others as SS2 Medan Selera. We both shared a pineapple fried rice (2/5 ratings), prawn fried rice (3/5) and tomyam soup (3/5) for a grand total of only RM13. The food is honestly not too bad larh, especially if you take into account it only cost RM13. After dinner I dropped her back, went back to shower and change then went out again for a drink with Linitha (who just came back), Kuan Yeet and Sian Huey at Murni's. Wow... don't mess with 3 girls man. Haha....

Woot, third day at work. I have to say I enjoyed this day the most. :p Haha... For the first time, I actually felt useful! Hahaha.... My project with Chia Ying has yet to start, because she's REALLY busy with some backdated projects, so she has to finish them up first. Wah!! I see this manager nearly every 2 hours come and bug her since yesterday man. I'm sure she's doing her work and all but it's just this manager is super demanding man. Sigh, ok ok so I do feel bad for her. At the start of the day, she gave me this software to go through and play around with because I'll probably be using it for the project. After playing around with the program a while and her manager coming on and off, she asked me if I wanted to do something and of course I was ever willing to help. I ended up doing some very basic stuff, it was more or less like data entry larh. Haha... but what do you expect?! Then later in the day, she asked me if I would like to help her and of course I said yes lar. I mean she didn't force me to help her but at the same time who in their right mind would say "Erm... nah, I don't think so. I'll just sit here and msn or sametime." Haha... but that's beside the point. So anyway, of course I was like the Eveready bunny gunning to do something lar. At first she asked me if I could just play around with 2 powerpoint files and merge it without losing the slide formats. Honestly, that was pretty easy so I completed that in like below 5 minutes. Then after more nagging from the manager, she again asked me nicely if I wanted some work to do. This time I actually did some audit work. It was like audit work on Excel in Powerpoint and required some documentation and all. I stayed back till like 6 to complete that larh, although it was pretty ok work but it's tedious larh.

I know things will definitely get tougher and tougher from here on but I hope I'm up to the challenge. My colleagues are quite friendly and all. Well, we'll see how it goes then. Ok sleep!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Fuiyoh! These past 2 days have been CRAZY man! I’m starting work tomorrow and my last 2 days of “freedom” have been spent mostly out of the house. I actually secretly wanted to rest a little more before I start work but I just didn’t find the time and also discipline to stay home. :p Ok… let’s start with Saturday.


I drove down to APIIT to register and collect my convocation gown. By the time I reached APIIT it was around 1130am and it was already packed with happy soon-to-be-graduating students. Sigh, by the time I collected my gown, they didn’t have 1 in my size. I was given a ‘M’ to try on. It was actually rather wearable but a little too tight, so I asked for a ‘L’. Surprise, surprise!! The darned ‘L’ was even tighter than the ‘M’ and they didn’t have anymore ‘XL’s. Sigh, so I was forced to take the ‘M’. After registering for the tickets and collecting my gown, I had to fill in some stupid online form thing for the government. Gosh! Some people just take AGES in filling it up!! Sigh… couldn’t believe how stupid some of these graduates are!! I mean what the heck man, I took like less than 5 minutes to fill it up while some of them actually took like 10 minutes MINIMUM!

Post-APIIT and basketball
Ok, so whatever larh. By the time I left APIIT was around 1pm. I wanted to meet up with YitHui for lunch but I couldn’t because I had basketball at 2pm. So I just dropped my stuff off at home, fetched Akmal and proceeded to Centrepoint McDonald’s to lead Tarry and Desmond to my church. By the time we arrived at the court was like 215pm, so technically we wasted RM8.75. :p Hahaha…. Anyway, only 6 of us came for basketball because some friends “let go our aeroplane”. Ok, anyway... it’s fine, so we played till 4. Then I took a shower at the sports complex and went downstairs to attend the Alpha Course at church.

WAH!! I was still sweating like a pig when I went there…. SO pai seh!!!! My t-shirt got TOTALLY messed up with a HUGE rust stain from carrying chairs which eventually weren’t even used!! GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Sigh, after the Alpha Course I had to rush home to
change my t-shirt because it was REALLY awful man.

Post-church and Eiran's Gathering
Then I had to rush to collect the satay for the Eiran’s birthday gathering from SS2 (old Chow Yang coffeeshop). Anyway, I eventually arrived at Cynthia’s and Eugene’s around 815pm or so. After a nice delicious dinner, watching Phantom of the Opera and going through David’s photos from his recent visit to Japan. Wow! Japan is SO beautiful man! Sigh, I wish I could go there. By the time I reached home it was around 12am, and my day didn’t end there. My DOTA friends asked me to play a game with them so I did. I finally slept at around 2am. ZZzZzZzzzzZzZzZz


Ok… disclaimer first. I’m not the best or most disciplined Christian in the world and I’ve never claimed to be and I’ll be the first to admit to that. Besides that, please do not generalize the Christian community from me alone and don’t ever ever use me as a role model Christian. :p

SO, anyway… I woke up at 8am today to attend church, BUT due to my laziness and the fact that I’ll be starting work tomorrow, I decided to sleep in. Sigh, I’m such a bad Christian. I finally woke up at 10am feeling a little guilty and bad, so I did my quiet time. :p Haha… I know some of my cell group members to read my blog, hopefully they’ll go easy on me! *hint*hint* Hahaha…. :p

Sunrise and Amcorp for Flea Markets
Anyway, at 11am I went to Sunrise at Mount Kiara for their flea market with Soo Yee. After going 2 complete rounds, Soo Yee eventually bought a earring. Sigh, ONE item bought only!! *GRuMbLeS* After that, we proceeded to Amcorp Mall for their version of a flea market. Unfortunately, the field opposite Amcorp was holding some Entrepreneur Carnival thing so there were many cars there. Heh heh, the carnival thing was just another excuse to give the bumis a chance to get a better life than us non-bumis if you ask me. NOT that I’m being racist or what but sometimes you just got to admit that bumis get more privileges than us non-bumis. Ok, back to Amcorp!! Their version of a flea market is SO cool!! Soo Yee and I were like walking around and pointing at more than half the stuff there!! Most of the stalls were run by antique shop owners so there were many antiques on display. Oh gosh!! We were being so “tau kei” man! Here’s an example of our conversation:-

Kevin: WAH!! Look at that…. *points at antique locks* SO OLD man!!
Soo Yee: *picks up lock* Hee hee… this one really antique…
Kevin: Excuse me Mr. Stall Owner (Ok maybe I didn’t exactly say that but you understand larh… :p), how much are the locks?
MSO: Oh, this is RM400, this one RM200 and this small one is RM150. They are at least 100 years old.
Soo Yee: WAH! So old!! We weren’t even born yet.
Kevin: ………….

Ok ok…. Yet another example….

Soo Yee: WAH!! Look at that coinbox!! I got something like that last time!
Kevin: Really ah?! Eh, I got that coinbox too!! (*points at some camel looking coinbox from I forgot what bank*)
Soo Yee: YAH YAH!! I got that and that and that one last time!!! WAH!! I can bring my stuff here to sell!!
Kevin: …………..

Hahaha… so roughly you get the idea of what happened there larh. :p Anyway, we had lunch at some nasi kandar shop at the basement. The food was quite ok actually. The fried chicken and curry mutton I had were quite nice while the Nasi Pattaya that Soo Yee took was surprisingly nice too. By the way, going out with Soo Yee is a BAD idea!! She throws food to me when she’s full!!! BAH! Well, after walking nearly the whole of Amcorp, we didn’t buy anything except for a manila card and some hard cover cardboard for her dad.

Post-flea markets
After dropping her home, I went home to get some shut eye. I managed to catch about a full hour of sleep before I went for basketball then dinner with family at 7pm and finally back home to pack my stuff for tomorrow.


WAH!! What a mess man! I think I over-wrote. :p Hahaha… Anyway, I went for dinner with Soo Yee at Pizza Uno on Friday. I don’t think their pizza’s are much a shout about. We shared a large Romeo Special or something like that, a Ceasar’s Salad and a tiramisu. Their tiramisu isn’t that nice either. I am all praises for their pasta though. J Ok… everyone please pray for me to have a good transition into the working world yah? Thanks…. Wish me good luck and that I’ll get good seniors who are willing to train me and provide me with the proper knowledge to excel in the company. Ok ok… hope for the best…

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Employment Offer Letter

I went to Ernst & Young today to collect my Employment Offer Letter. So it has been confirmed that my pay will be RM2100 per month and I'm under 3 months probation. Although my pay will be RM2100, I'll be taking back only RM1700/1800 after EPF, SOCSO and some EY Sports Club thingy. If you're wondering what Sports Club thing, please allow me to quote the offer letter.

"All employees are required to be members of the Firm's sports club and the subscription to the club shall be deducted from the employee's salary."

Sigh, so I don't even know how much the subscription is. I felt so cheated when I read it man! But I guess that's what the working world is about. The worst thing is I don't even know what the sports club is!! Well, let's wait and see.

Anyway, I went through a breakdown of my expenditures according to my pay. Heh heh, anyone interested in seeing how it goes? Well, I'm still gonna post it here anyway so if you aren't interested then don't bother scrolling down yeah. :p

Ok ok..... here it goes....

Take home pay = 1700 (minimum)
Parking charges = 100
Petrol = 200
Lunch = 300
Handphone bill = 50
Sports activities = 50
Mom = 150
Entertainment = 250
Savings = 500

Which leaves me with RM 100 as emergency cash. Well, that's alright I guess. My mom says I don't have to give her allowance but if she'll accept it, I'm ever ready to give it to her. I allocated the minimum for parking and petrol. The 300 combined is if I only stay in the office and I don't venture out to the client's office. One thing that I would like to add is luckily I'm single for now so I don't have "other obligations" besides myself. Hahahaha.... :p Anyway, if I left out any expenditures in my calculations do let me know. Then I'll have to revise my cash flow plan a little. Maybe cut a little here and there to fit in whatever I missed out. Thanks yah?!

You can't lose when you help others win.
May 12th 2005

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shopping Mania

Woot!! I spent close to 2 hours in KLCC shopping for some new working clothes. It's not like I actually walked around though. I spent all that time in only 2 shops. Firstly, I went to G2000 in Isetan, KLCC because there was a sale on. Anyone who wants to shop for working clothes should go there. Some shirts are like 50% off. No no... they're perfectly fine looking shirts, not those dodgy ones which you see in some 1980s movie. Gosh, I spent like over an hour there trying on like less than 7 pieces of clothing before buying only a shirt and a pair of slacks. :p Wahaha... I was being so indecisive man. I was constantly walking in and out of the dressing room thinking if I should buy that piece I tried on. GOSH! Yet another bimbo moment in my life! This is getting too frequent! It has to stop!!! *Grumble*grumble*

After buying only TWO garments, I then went to the G2000 boutique in KLCC but outside Isetan. Haha... yeah I know!! You're probably thinking G2000 AGAIN?!!? Well, in my defense.. the boutique has a larger variety of clothes compared to the small little area they have in Isetan. So after looking around and trying on a few more pieces, I finally decided to buy 3 other shirts and 1 tie. So I'm done shopping for my new working clothes. I know, I know.... why all G2000 right!?! I guess if there was a shirt or t-shirt saying "G2000 Addict" I will buy it. I think G2000 sells great working clothes for guys. Anyway, the total damage was about RM 450!! WAH! Spending money even before I have any income. Not a good start!! But hopefully my parents won't deduct it from me because I used their credit card to sign for it. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :p

Ok ok... enough of me spending money for now. To help encourage me to read this little book on Christianity, I shall post a short quote from it every time I update my blog. This little book is called "Our Daily Bread." It's basically like the "Chicken Soup" series except in the Christian context. There's a short testimony for every day of the year, so we basically read 1 testimony everyday. Every testimony ends with a short quote, so I'll try to post up the quote of the day from there. Hopefully this encourages me to read the book daily.

When living under clouds of adversity, remember that the sun is still shining.
May 10th 2005

Job Update

I was actually planning to keep quiet about my job offer from EY at least until I get hold of the contract offer or even put my signature on it. But since someone already congratulated me on it I guess I shall spill the beans. Yeah, I received a call from EY saying that they are ready to offer me a position in their organization. I think I'll be starting off as an Associate in Technology and Security Risk Services (TSRS). I'll start next Monday, but I think it'll be an orientation thing on Monday so I guess I'll be really starting work on Tuesday or Wednesday.

YAY! I'll be starting work FINALLY! GOSH! Been waiting too long already. My brain is already half mush. Well, I hope I'll do fine. I'm basically starting the job with no prior experience of knowledge in this line. But I'm really looking forward to this. I think I'm the last of my friends to start work. So it's good that I finally found a job. :) No more slacking and downloading TV series every day of the week. Time to get some SERIOUS work done! Haha.... well, hopefully I'll enjoy this job and really go all out for it. Ok ok... Ernst & Young... be prepared for the arrival of Kevin Leng! Other companies that rejected my application... too bad, you lost out on an excellent employee! Haha... :p Yes, yes I know self praise is no praise but who cares... I'm entitled to my moment of oi-ness once in awhile. :p

Monday, May 09, 2005

Link-ety links.....

Haha... 1 reason why I ABSOLUTELY prefer blogspot is that I'm not able to link up sites other than xanga sites. Hence, as you can see on my side bar I have linked several blogs belonging to my friends. To my friends who I linked up, I hope you don't mind and please don't be bummed that you're last or second last or whatever. I did not do it in any particular order of preference. Being on top does not mean I love your blog the most (*Ms. Unilinguist - don't be mad... I didn't say I do not love your blog the most... I'm just keeping it a secret which is my fave blog*). Neither does being at the bottom mean that I visit your blog the least. OH! And if you name isn't linked up, it doesn't mean I do not read your blog. It just means that I'm being old and I forgot about it. :p In addition to that, I recently reformatted my desktop AND notebook hence I lost a few sites. So if you all don't mind, do leave me a message with your blog URL and I'll link you up as soon as possible. It will be my pleasure. :)

By the way, I'm so addicted to reading other people's blogs. So just post up your URL here and I'll check it out. :p I'm so KPC man I tell you. Haha... Gosh, I wonder what will I do when I start working. I'll probably be SO traumatised that I don't get to read so many blogs. Sigh... Hahaha... I need a life!! Well, technically I DO have a life, it's a life of reading blogs and bumming around. :p But seriously, I need a real proper life which involves girls, a job and preferably a winning lottery ticket. :p Ok ok.... mind wandering too randomly now... just drop me a message on MSN or here regarding your blog URLs. Thanks!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

First Post on Blogspot

Ah... my very first post on blogspot. Not going to say much for now. I'll be going out in a couple of minutes. Will update again as soon as possible, although not much has been happening. Well, I linked up a few of my friends. Feel free to look at their blogs too. Bye bye.....