Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Job Update

I was actually planning to keep quiet about my job offer from EY at least until I get hold of the contract offer or even put my signature on it. But since someone already congratulated me on it I guess I shall spill the beans. Yeah, I received a call from EY saying that they are ready to offer me a position in their organization. I think I'll be starting off as an Associate in Technology and Security Risk Services (TSRS). I'll start next Monday, but I think it'll be an orientation thing on Monday so I guess I'll be really starting work on Tuesday or Wednesday.

YAY! I'll be starting work FINALLY! GOSH! Been waiting too long already. My brain is already half mush. Well, I hope I'll do fine. I'm basically starting the job with no prior experience of knowledge in this line. But I'm really looking forward to this. I think I'm the last of my friends to start work. So it's good that I finally found a job. :) No more slacking and downloading TV series every day of the week. Time to get some SERIOUS work done! Haha.... well, hopefully I'll enjoy this job and really go all out for it. Ok ok... Ernst & Young... be prepared for the arrival of Kevin Leng! Other companies that rejected my application... too bad, you lost out on an excellent employee! Haha... :p Yes, yes I know self praise is no praise but who cares... I'm entitled to my moment of oi-ness once in awhile. :p


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