Monday, May 09, 2005

Link-ety links.....

Haha... 1 reason why I ABSOLUTELY prefer blogspot is that I'm not able to link up sites other than xanga sites. Hence, as you can see on my side bar I have linked several blogs belonging to my friends. To my friends who I linked up, I hope you don't mind and please don't be bummed that you're last or second last or whatever. I did not do it in any particular order of preference. Being on top does not mean I love your blog the most (*Ms. Unilinguist - don't be mad... I didn't say I do not love your blog the most... I'm just keeping it a secret which is my fave blog*). Neither does being at the bottom mean that I visit your blog the least. OH! And if you name isn't linked up, it doesn't mean I do not read your blog. It just means that I'm being old and I forgot about it. :p In addition to that, I recently reformatted my desktop AND notebook hence I lost a few sites. So if you all don't mind, do leave me a message with your blog URL and I'll link you up as soon as possible. It will be my pleasure. :)

By the way, I'm so addicted to reading other people's blogs. So just post up your URL here and I'll check it out. :p I'm so KPC man I tell you. Haha... Gosh, I wonder what will I do when I start working. I'll probably be SO traumatised that I don't get to read so many blogs. Sigh... Hahaha... I need a life!! Well, technically I DO have a life, it's a life of reading blogs and bumming around. :p But seriously, I need a real proper life which involves girls, a job and preferably a winning lottery ticket. :p Ok ok.... mind wandering too randomly now... just drop me a message on MSN or here regarding your blog URLs. Thanks!


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