Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Working Kev.

Urgh... my first ever post as a working man. Hrm... my first day in Ernst & Young was alright. Attended a short briefing to fill in some forms and I was taken to my Adminstrative Officer (AO). My AO took my to collect my laptop and my flash card as well as briefed me on some programs that I needed to access and also which manager I was assigned too for my first assignment. Wow, my first assignment already?! I did not expect that, but I guess this is the working world. My manager for this project assigned me a senior to guide me through my first assignment and I'm really thankful and grateful that she did. My senior is Chia Ying, she's senior from DJ 4 years elder than I am and she has a brother who's 1 year my senior whom I actually know, Vince Chang. What a small world. So anyway, my first day was rather uneventful. She just gave me some files to read up for our upcoming project. Gosh, I got so bored so I merely pretended to read it after a while. :p Haha...

Anyway, my second day was better. Chia Ying took the initiative to sit beside me so I could ask her any questions if I had any. I mean it's not like she's obligated to help me out because technically she's only my senior for the project and it's not like she's my direct mentor or something but I can see she's actually trying to ease my transition into the department as much as possible. She even invited me to join them for lunch that day. Ok lar, I guess it's a very small matter and almost everyone would do that, but just the fact that she actually did it is good enough for me. ANYWAY, after reading the files, I just did a summary of what I need to do for this upcoming project and I ended my day. Then I went for dinner with Soo Yee at SS2, "Wai Sik Kai" or known to me as WSK or to others as SS2 Medan Selera. We both shared a pineapple fried rice (2/5 ratings), prawn fried rice (3/5) and tomyam soup (3/5) for a grand total of only RM13. The food is honestly not too bad larh, especially if you take into account it only cost RM13. After dinner I dropped her back, went back to shower and change then went out again for a drink with Linitha (who just came back), Kuan Yeet and Sian Huey at Murni's. Wow... don't mess with 3 girls man. Haha....

Woot, third day at work. I have to say I enjoyed this day the most. :p Haha... For the first time, I actually felt useful! Hahaha.... My project with Chia Ying has yet to start, because she's REALLY busy with some backdated projects, so she has to finish them up first. Wah!! I see this manager nearly every 2 hours come and bug her since yesterday man. I'm sure she's doing her work and all but it's just this manager is super demanding man. Sigh, ok ok so I do feel bad for her. At the start of the day, she gave me this software to go through and play around with because I'll probably be using it for the project. After playing around with the program a while and her manager coming on and off, she asked me if I wanted to do something and of course I was ever willing to help. I ended up doing some very basic stuff, it was more or less like data entry larh. Haha... but what do you expect?! Then later in the day, she asked me if I would like to help her and of course I said yes lar. I mean she didn't force me to help her but at the same time who in their right mind would say "Erm... nah, I don't think so. I'll just sit here and msn or sametime." Haha... but that's beside the point. So anyway, of course I was like the Eveready bunny gunning to do something lar. At first she asked me if I could just play around with 2 powerpoint files and merge it without losing the slide formats. Honestly, that was pretty easy so I completed that in like below 5 minutes. Then after more nagging from the manager, she again asked me nicely if I wanted some work to do. This time I actually did some audit work. It was like audit work on Excel in Powerpoint and required some documentation and all. I stayed back till like 6 to complete that larh, although it was pretty ok work but it's tedious larh.

I know things will definitely get tougher and tougher from here on but I hope I'm up to the challenge. My colleagues are quite friendly and all. Well, we'll see how it goes then. Ok sleep!


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