Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shopping Mania

Woot!! I spent close to 2 hours in KLCC shopping for some new working clothes. It's not like I actually walked around though. I spent all that time in only 2 shops. Firstly, I went to G2000 in Isetan, KLCC because there was a sale on. Anyone who wants to shop for working clothes should go there. Some shirts are like 50% off. No no... they're perfectly fine looking shirts, not those dodgy ones which you see in some 1980s movie. Gosh, I spent like over an hour there trying on like less than 7 pieces of clothing before buying only a shirt and a pair of slacks. :p Wahaha... I was being so indecisive man. I was constantly walking in and out of the dressing room thinking if I should buy that piece I tried on. GOSH! Yet another bimbo moment in my life! This is getting too frequent! It has to stop!!! *Grumble*grumble*

After buying only TWO garments, I then went to the G2000 boutique in KLCC but outside Isetan. Haha... yeah I know!! You're probably thinking G2000 AGAIN?!!? Well, in my defense.. the boutique has a larger variety of clothes compared to the small little area they have in Isetan. So after looking around and trying on a few more pieces, I finally decided to buy 3 other shirts and 1 tie. So I'm done shopping for my new working clothes. I know, I know.... why all G2000 right!?! I guess if there was a shirt or t-shirt saying "G2000 Addict" I will buy it. I think G2000 sells great working clothes for guys. Anyway, the total damage was about RM 450!! WAH! Spending money even before I have any income. Not a good start!! But hopefully my parents won't deduct it from me because I used their credit card to sign for it. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :p

Ok ok... enough of me spending money for now. To help encourage me to read this little book on Christianity, I shall post a short quote from it every time I update my blog. This little book is called "Our Daily Bread." It's basically like the "Chicken Soup" series except in the Christian context. There's a short testimony for every day of the year, so we basically read 1 testimony everyday. Every testimony ends with a short quote, so I'll try to post up the quote of the day from there. Hopefully this encourages me to read the book daily.

When living under clouds of adversity, remember that the sun is still shining.
May 10th 2005


Blogger kim C. said...

Hey Mr. G2000! Hahaha..this is Ms. Papaya here..haha :) How are things man? :) Gosh, I miss Isetan and KL shopping :) The clothes here are freaking expensive (read: tourist prices)! Oooh, I like the quotes a lot..ehehhe..looking forward to see them!! (but no pressure..no pressure :P)

1:11 PM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

Haha... well, you'll be coming back soon then you can shop till you drop... hahaha... you'll have all the time in the world... and malaysia's departmental stores are always on sale so shouldn't be a problem... :p

2:26 PM  
Blogger kim C. said...

Hahahaha..true!! Gosh, sales are very rare over here..infact, the only places that are always on sale are the factory outlets. Ehe. Well, I'm sure I can wait till the end of the year. Christmas shopping! So how are you? You sound so happy, right on!! Are you still keeping in touch with other people? Err..okay, that sounded a lil' too broad..but err..lemme see, LEO people? Haha..hopefully that narrowed it down a lil' :)


3:48 PM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

haha yeah i am... the usual people lorh... :)

3:57 PM  

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