Sunday, May 15, 2005


Fuiyoh! These past 2 days have been CRAZY man! I’m starting work tomorrow and my last 2 days of “freedom” have been spent mostly out of the house. I actually secretly wanted to rest a little more before I start work but I just didn’t find the time and also discipline to stay home. :p Ok… let’s start with Saturday.


I drove down to APIIT to register and collect my convocation gown. By the time I reached APIIT it was around 1130am and it was already packed with happy soon-to-be-graduating students. Sigh, by the time I collected my gown, they didn’t have 1 in my size. I was given a ‘M’ to try on. It was actually rather wearable but a little too tight, so I asked for a ‘L’. Surprise, surprise!! The darned ‘L’ was even tighter than the ‘M’ and they didn’t have anymore ‘XL’s. Sigh, so I was forced to take the ‘M’. After registering for the tickets and collecting my gown, I had to fill in some stupid online form thing for the government. Gosh! Some people just take AGES in filling it up!! Sigh… couldn’t believe how stupid some of these graduates are!! I mean what the heck man, I took like less than 5 minutes to fill it up while some of them actually took like 10 minutes MINIMUM!

Post-APIIT and basketball
Ok, so whatever larh. By the time I left APIIT was around 1pm. I wanted to meet up with YitHui for lunch but I couldn’t because I had basketball at 2pm. So I just dropped my stuff off at home, fetched Akmal and proceeded to Centrepoint McDonald’s to lead Tarry and Desmond to my church. By the time we arrived at the court was like 215pm, so technically we wasted RM8.75. :p Hahaha…. Anyway, only 6 of us came for basketball because some friends “let go our aeroplane”. Ok, anyway... it’s fine, so we played till 4. Then I took a shower at the sports complex and went downstairs to attend the Alpha Course at church.

WAH!! I was still sweating like a pig when I went there…. SO pai seh!!!! My t-shirt got TOTALLY messed up with a HUGE rust stain from carrying chairs which eventually weren’t even used!! GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Sigh, after the Alpha Course I had to rush home to
change my t-shirt because it was REALLY awful man.

Post-church and Eiran's Gathering
Then I had to rush to collect the satay for the Eiran’s birthday gathering from SS2 (old Chow Yang coffeeshop). Anyway, I eventually arrived at Cynthia’s and Eugene’s around 815pm or so. After a nice delicious dinner, watching Phantom of the Opera and going through David’s photos from his recent visit to Japan. Wow! Japan is SO beautiful man! Sigh, I wish I could go there. By the time I reached home it was around 12am, and my day didn’t end there. My DOTA friends asked me to play a game with them so I did. I finally slept at around 2am. ZZzZzZzzzzZzZzZz


Ok… disclaimer first. I’m not the best or most disciplined Christian in the world and I’ve never claimed to be and I’ll be the first to admit to that. Besides that, please do not generalize the Christian community from me alone and don’t ever ever use me as a role model Christian. :p

SO, anyway… I woke up at 8am today to attend church, BUT due to my laziness and the fact that I’ll be starting work tomorrow, I decided to sleep in. Sigh, I’m such a bad Christian. I finally woke up at 10am feeling a little guilty and bad, so I did my quiet time. :p Haha… I know some of my cell group members to read my blog, hopefully they’ll go easy on me! *hint*hint* Hahaha…. :p

Sunrise and Amcorp for Flea Markets
Anyway, at 11am I went to Sunrise at Mount Kiara for their flea market with Soo Yee. After going 2 complete rounds, Soo Yee eventually bought a earring. Sigh, ONE item bought only!! *GRuMbLeS* After that, we proceeded to Amcorp Mall for their version of a flea market. Unfortunately, the field opposite Amcorp was holding some Entrepreneur Carnival thing so there were many cars there. Heh heh, the carnival thing was just another excuse to give the bumis a chance to get a better life than us non-bumis if you ask me. NOT that I’m being racist or what but sometimes you just got to admit that bumis get more privileges than us non-bumis. Ok, back to Amcorp!! Their version of a flea market is SO cool!! Soo Yee and I were like walking around and pointing at more than half the stuff there!! Most of the stalls were run by antique shop owners so there were many antiques on display. Oh gosh!! We were being so “tau kei” man! Here’s an example of our conversation:-

Kevin: WAH!! Look at that…. *points at antique locks* SO OLD man!!
Soo Yee: *picks up lock* Hee hee… this one really antique…
Kevin: Excuse me Mr. Stall Owner (Ok maybe I didn’t exactly say that but you understand larh… :p), how much are the locks?
MSO: Oh, this is RM400, this one RM200 and this small one is RM150. They are at least 100 years old.
Soo Yee: WAH! So old!! We weren’t even born yet.
Kevin: ………….

Ok ok…. Yet another example….

Soo Yee: WAH!! Look at that coinbox!! I got something like that last time!
Kevin: Really ah?! Eh, I got that coinbox too!! (*points at some camel looking coinbox from I forgot what bank*)
Soo Yee: YAH YAH!! I got that and that and that one last time!!! WAH!! I can bring my stuff here to sell!!
Kevin: …………..

Hahaha… so roughly you get the idea of what happened there larh. :p Anyway, we had lunch at some nasi kandar shop at the basement. The food was quite ok actually. The fried chicken and curry mutton I had were quite nice while the Nasi Pattaya that Soo Yee took was surprisingly nice too. By the way, going out with Soo Yee is a BAD idea!! She throws food to me when she’s full!!! BAH! Well, after walking nearly the whole of Amcorp, we didn’t buy anything except for a manila card and some hard cover cardboard for her dad.

Post-flea markets
After dropping her home, I went home to get some shut eye. I managed to catch about a full hour of sleep before I went for basketball then dinner with family at 7pm and finally back home to pack my stuff for tomorrow.


WAH!! What a mess man! I think I over-wrote. :p Hahaha… Anyway, I went for dinner with Soo Yee at Pizza Uno on Friday. I don’t think their pizza’s are much a shout about. We shared a large Romeo Special or something like that, a Ceasar’s Salad and a tiramisu. Their tiramisu isn’t that nice either. I am all praises for their pasta though. J Ok… everyone please pray for me to have a good transition into the working world yah? Thanks…. Wish me good luck and that I’ll get good seniors who are willing to train me and provide me with the proper knowledge to excel in the company. Ok ok… hope for the best…


Blogger kim C. said...

wahh.. congrats!..have fun!..and enjoy your working life!! :) :) :) I'm stuck here in Hawaii for the summer, taking summer classes..and well, I might be joining you in the working world by the end of this year! :) Anyway, you're not a bad christian..don't say that :) I think what you did for your weekend was da bomb! Flea yang (yummmm) that's what I call a fun outing! And hahahaha..manila card..gosh, haven't heard that in awhile! :) Nobody says it over here and ppl think I'm 'weird'..:(..But oOh, it's nice to read your post cuz it has a Malaysian flavour. Haha...let go of aeroplane. that's classic! :)

Anyway, have a great day at work!..ttyl~

Golden axe girl

7:16 AM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

Haha... thanks kim. You enjoy yourself in Hawaii too.

7:59 PM  

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