Saturday, May 28, 2005

Achievement of the year.....

WOOHOO!!! I can't believe this. I actually made Xiaxue reply to a comment I put up regarding one of her posts. :p Hahaha, actually this is probably my second or is it my virgin reply to a post of hers? I can't remember but I did e-mail her once regarding a post of hers regarding Christianity. It's not as though I've always been wanting to comment on her blog, I actually posted this time because I was awfully bored at work. :p Well, here's my comment and her reply. I don't believe she replied well, it's not as though I insulted her in anyway. I was merely stating my own opinion in what I believe was rather non-aggressively but whatever. Hahaha... yes, I do feel rather hard done by. I mean is it so wrong for someone to post up their own opinion on another person's blog? We all do it in real life, why not on cyberspace? If someone I disagree with someone's comment during a conversation, I would definitely state my argument, wouldn't you? Just because I don't agree with ones opinion does not mean I am insulting you. Furthermore, I didn't even say I'm The-All-Knowing-Kev. If you actually read her post, you'd realise that I'm not the one "questioning the rational" of things I can't do or don't believe in. Sigh... ok ok... I know I'm rambling and I could probably go on and on regarding this matter forever but I'll choose to stop now.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I found this brilliant Malaysian blogger, Kennysia. I think he's an incredible blogger. I give him props for his sense of humour. I had such a great time reading his previous posts and of course his current ones. If you guys are free you should go and check his blog out. Utterly entertaining, that's my 2 cents larh.


Anonymous Chooi Peng said...

purple as background?!! hmm... sharp colour like those indian women would use during deepavali... =P ha... i'm shaking legs at home + jobless + poor + bored, noticed that you have come up with this "recently popular" blog stuff, so i thought i might as well open it n have a look (after all, you have been a great help in completing my report)then... yeah, i really have to agree what u've stated in ur friendster - u r talkactive... (it'
s a good thg in some ways, keke...)
ok lar, keep it on lar... i'm too lazy to use my eyes since my last day in ey, keke...

6:23 PM  

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