Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wooing Present

There are many presents a guy can buy for a girl, especially if the guy is wooing the girl. Recently, my friend told me that a guy bought her a Shih Tzu as a present. My jaw practically dropped to the floor. Wow! A Shih Tzu or any pure breed isn't cheap. But well, it isn't my money so what the heck. Anyway, my friend said that it isn't the price and present that counts but the thought put into it. It was then I realised that there is actually SO MUCH thought put into buying a dog as a present. I honestly feel that a dog is one of the BEST presents a guy can buy for a girl he's after.

Buying a dog for a girl gives you every single reason to visit the girl more often. Whenever you feel like paying her a visit, just give the excuse that you want to see the dog. It's a little hard for her to say "No" you see. You did pay for the dog after all. So in a way she should/might/would feel a little indebted to you paying for the dog that she'll do her best to allow you to come visit. See, a dog would secure you more opportunities to visit and see the girl of your heart.

In addition to that, caring for the dog together might actually encourage some mutual feelings between the both of you. Caring for a pet is sort of like raising a baby except no human sex or labour involved at the start. Haha... so getting a puppy would be like training to care for a future baby. A lot of emotions and feelings will be involved, therefore it is possible that special feelings might develop between you and your target through constant care for the puppy. Imagine the joys that you 2 would share playing with the puppy and teaching the puppy new tricks and also the tears she'll shed on your shoulder when the puppy gets sick or whatever.

Of course diamond rings and other expensive gifts would also work with most girls but I just feel that a dog is really an ideal present if you have the money. Sad to say, I don't and I don't think I would spend so much money on a girl that I'm chasing. Honestly speaking, I don't think I'm good at wooing girls. Not only am I unwilling to spend too much money on her, but I doubt I have the charisma, sense of humour and whatever else is need to be a good wooer. Haha.... :p Well, we'll see in the future. I hope no future candidates will be reading this post. Hahaha...


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