Sunday, March 26, 2006

It feels like yesterday.....

It feels like yesterday,
That we went to high school,
I still feel the embarassement,
Of wearing shorts on the first day of school;
It feels like yesterday,
That we joined the Leo Club,
I still remember the love we had,
For the club we supported;
It feels like yesterday,
That we had our Leo forums,
I still remember the tears I shed,
And the support I had from my friends;
It feels like yesterday,
I went to APIIT,
I still remember the friends I made,
And I'm grateful they're still around;
It feels like yesterday,
That we stayed up till the wee hours,
I still remember the stress we went through,
And also the fun we had;
It feels like yesterday,
That I went for my first interview,
I still remember the nervousness,
And I'm glad that's over;
It feels like yesterday,
That I went in for my first day,
I still remember the weird glances I got,
And nowthose glances have become smiles;
It feels like yesterday,
That I met you,
I still remember the smile you wore on your face,
And it amazes me that it's still always there;
It feels like yesterday,
That my heart couldn't stop smiling,
But wait,
It wasn't yesterday,
Its everyday now since the day I met you.


Anonymous Jelo said...

happy belated bday to u, although yet to celebrate with u at LMan..ahah...older liao dun need to be angry when ppl say u look old lor..ahha

10:40 PM  
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