Sunday, February 26, 2006

Part-time Food Critic - Miyako Sheraton Subang

Last night my parents and I went to try the Japanese buffet dinner at Miyako Sheraton Subang because it is apparently better than Nagisa, Sunway Resort Hotel's Japanese buffet. The most notable difference between the 2 buffets is that Miyako's buffet is an ala carte buffet whereby you order direct from the menu and they'll serve the food to you while Nagisa's is your free for fall buffet table style.

The ambience in Miyako is alright. However, there are hot spots in the restaurant. I was really sweating it out in there until I moved a little to my left to be closer to the air-cond. The food there is not too bad. Certain things are quite good while others aren't. We started off with some salmon sashimi and sushi. I can say that the salmon there is definitely very fresh and the sushi is quite nice coz they really compact the rice. The wasabi is also fresh and good. But I only had the salmon because my parents aren't really interested in the rest so its unfair for me to judge the rest.

The tempura they served was quite good to be honest. However, we only tried the ebi (prawn) and soft shell crab tempura. I have to say that I CLEARLY enjoyed their tempura. We had 2 plates of ebi tempura and 3 plates of soft shell crabs. *drools* Gosh... I really love the soft shell crabs. The best thing is the tempura is freshly fried when you order so it comes warm. The tempura is DEFINITELY one of the things to look out for.

Their teppanyaki is quite alright as well. Their beef teppanyaki tastes fine but its just that I found it WAY too well done for my liking. I prefer my beef to be medium to medium well at best. We also had salmon, squid, clams, sea bass and mixed vegie teppanyaki. The salmon teppanyaki is quite good because they make it the way I like it best which is cooked on the outside but partially raw in the middle. The sea bass was VERY poor because it wasn't really cooked and hence the meat was a bit tough. Our first round of teppanyaki clams was EXCELLENT because the clams were HUGE but our second round had normal small clams instead. The mixed vegie is pretty normal lah... nothing to shout about. All in all, the taste of the teppanyaki in general is quite good.

We had 2 helpings of baked cod fish which we quite good as well. Nicely done and baked. However, the unagi we had kind SUCKED! My fave jap food of all time is beef sukiyaki. But I have to say that their sukiyaki there was a huge letdown. The soup was super sweet and the only had 2 measly slices of beef and it was like lacking in ingredients. Sukiyaki was a total disappointment. On the other hand, their garlic fried rice is not too bad while their chawanmushi wasn't good. The cup was SUPER small and it had so little egg custard in it. They did not have many options for their desserts and we tried their green tea ice cream which i found too sweet and the texture was a bit different than what I'm used to.

In conclusion....

Garlic fried rice
Sushi & sashimi


I'd give the whole experience a 7 out of 10 because I really super enjoyed their tempura and teppanyaki. I also think that if you're a big sushi/sashimi fan, it definitely is worth your time and money.


Anonymous Mun Yeen said...

Since you are so into jap food. Have you tried Renaissance Hotel's Sagano Japanese buffet or quick lunch set?? They had their quick lunch set every monday till friday. The jap buffet are ONLY on during sunday lunch. They have 2sessions. You must try it if you haven't.

Latest news I heard that Prince hotel is also having very good jap buffet on friday and saturday night. I have yet to try it out.

On a cheaper scale, I heard that Sakae Sushi at the curve is not bad, cheap and nice.

But I seriously recomend Sagano(renaissance hotel). Try their tappanyaki beef, unagi, sashimi etc.... my all time favourite. environment is not bad tho. slightly expensive but i got the membership card hahahahahahah :p

try it out dude....

12:02 PM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

oooooooo...... never tried that before.... but i might now... hahaha.... if i want i'll kidnap ur card from u :p muahahahahhaha

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Mun Yeen said...

That's what Dave always do.... he kidnaps my card.

10:40 AM  
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