Sunday, January 15, 2006

Progression & Friendships...

How far have we come since we were kids?
We've been through milk cartons,
We all remember playing catching or police & thief,
Canteen food will remain in our minds for life,
Guys went through the transition from shorts to long pants in secondary school,
Don't we remember what pain in the asses we were to our teachers,
Ah, I recall the puppy loving and the ever hot rumours running around school,
My days of LEO club will always be fresh in my head,
College years were great fun,
Procrastination was never more evident,
Late nights to rush assignments,
The thrill and also chills of datelines,
Here I am now in the working world,
Part of the great Rat Race,
Paying my own bills,
Worrying if I've saved enough,
Trying my hardest to excel in this dog eat dog world,
Where money plays such a crucial role,
And in the midst of my life's progression,
Somethings just never change,
I've always made sure that my friends are always around,
Great friends who I've met along the way,
I've made an effort to keep around,
No matter how much further I progress in life,
My friends will always remain part of me.

This post is specially dedicated to my friends who have truly been through thick and thin with me and have still stuck around and also to my current batch of friends that I know will also be there for me when I need them. True friends stand up when the rest backs off. You never know who your true friends are until your back is to a wall. Friendships are easily lost or broken but it is how you stregthen or mend the ones that matter most to you that counts.


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