Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year Post......

Happy New Year all..... Welcome to the year 2006, where 2005 is the past and 2007 is the future. Thanks to all my friends for all the memories in 2005 and I hope that 2006 brings fresh and better times for all of us. Special thanks to the bunch of buddies who spent new year's eve with me. Had a great time although I didn't drink much. It is nice not to be loud once in awhile.

Well, anyway.... I really hope that 2006 will be a good year for all of us. My new year resolution is to save more money in order to furnish my trip to Australia or wherever and also for future use (i.e. marriage and etc.... :p ). Just FYI, I'm actually planning to go for a holiday to Australia, while my friends are still working there. Heh heh, at least I get free accomodation while they are still there. So if anyone is interested, please do let me know yah. We can go together if the timing is right. I actually would like to visit Tazmania, Perth and maybe Sydney as well while I'm in Australia. Might as well kill multiple birds with one stone right? Its much cheaper if I just go everywhere there is in Australia while im there rather than fly back to Australia just to visit different places.

Another year, another brand new 365 days to cherish. Lets take this journey 1 day at a time until we reach the end of the road. Lets spend these times with great company and strive through adversity together. At the end of the day, lets hold our heads up high and stand proud of ourselves. :) Happy working all!!! Good luck studying to the rest of you.


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