Saturday, December 03, 2005

High School Prom

What if, I am taking a pretty 17 year old girl to her high school prom? Or better still, what if I am taking YOUR pretty 17 year old SISTER to her high school prom? How would you react? Lets weigh the pros and cons of it....

1. Better me than some hormone raging 17 year old kid right?
2. Wouldn't you trust a friend better than a stranger?
3. I've had more than 4 years of driving experience under me, don't you think i'm a safer driver than an eager/desperate to show off 17 year old?
4. You know I'll treat her extra nice since she's your sister.
5. You know I won't dare step over the border since she's your sister (not so fast at least) :p.
6. If anything happens to her you definitely know where to find me.
7. If anything does happen between us, isn't it good to know that I'm sort of financially stable now with a secured job.
8. You'll be able to milk to for favours out of sheer blackmail :p

1. She's not even in college yet and I'm already working. Not the best of situations.
2. Not much to talk to with her friends (they'll prolly call me uncle... -.-")
3. Friendship on the line in case anything bad happens.
4. You'll be stuck as the middle person if anything bad happens.
5. Double dating with you would just be weird.
6. You'll be hanging out more with your sister in case anything happens.
7. I'll be labelled a paedophile although I don't feel 5 years is a lot of difference.
8. You'll be labelled as the bad guy if you try to discourage anything from happening between us.

I am not going after any particular 17 year old girl. So please do not judge me wrongly. I am merely stating a "What If...." statement. Feel free to post your comments. Thank you.


Anonymous the great one from melbourne said...

what a b****

2:48 PM  
Anonymous carlock said...

i think it's WEIRD!!!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Cinderella said...

i was just asking u tat nite... pls dun be so perasan... i said wut if... n u dun need to tell the world our conversation rite?! bastard

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Relax At Home said...

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