Sunday, November 06, 2005

Langkawi ROCKED!

Just got back from Langkawi yesterday. Langkawi itself TOTALLY ROCKED man! What's not to like there?! Our hotel, Awana Porto Malai was superb! The company was EXCELLENT! The booze was TERRIFIC! No regrets or complaints man. Oh oh.... I need to mention that our van driver was DARNED GOOD! R-E-S-P-E-C-T man!! If you need to employ a part time van driver do let me know. I'll give you his contact number. But to be fair there were cons as well, the beach on erm... forgot the beach name but it was 1 of the 3 islands you will go to if you choose the island hopping package, TOTALLY sucked! Oh gosh! Murky waters, painful sea bed and no chicks! =( The trip to Langkawi and back was EXTREMELY horrendous as well. If not for the excellent company in the car I would have probably gone crazy. =) You know who you people are so I need not mention names.

But I have to say that Langkawi was DEFINATELY a blast man! I had so much fun with the GREAT bunch of people I went with. Seriously, trips are not only about location, it's also about the people you go with. I'd rather go to a place that's not so nice with a great bunch of people than to go to a great place with a not so nice bunch of people. All the people there were TERRIFIC! Without them this wouldn't be such a great experience. Although the trip didn't start of great for me but the important thing was that I put everything behind me and just focused on having fun. :) Will post up pics and finer details soon. :)


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