Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Last Friday was my last day at my client's venue. It is extremely difficult to get an empty parking bay at this particular client's parking area. Over the pass 2 weeks, I've had to go round their venue 2-3 times at least or park at the highest floor of their multi-storey car park. This client is EXTREMELY strict with their parking rules and I've seen SO many cars being clamped during my 2 weeks there. Sigh, so anyway. I was thanking my lucky stars when I spotted a car coming out after just 1 round. Wah!! ACCELERATION to the max man! *ZROOM*ZROOM* Furthermore, the parking bay was like super near to the building so I was darn satisfied.

However, as we were coming back after lunch, I realised they had clamped my car!! OMG OMG OMG!! OH THE HORROR man!! I was in a super foul mood after that. I mean it's kinda obvious that my was a legitimate parking bay. After calling the guy that had clamped my car and talking to him, I was told to refer to some dumb ass "boss" of his which would only be back after 4pm and I had to pay my RM 30 fine before 430 pm. BULLSH*T man. So never mind, after being passed around a couple more times, a nice Indian gentleman attended to me. He explained that there's nothing I can do but pay the summon and get my car unclamped first, and if I'm really discontented I can write an official letter of complaint. (ps.. not to be racist but this was the only guy who was extremely nice and helpful because he's not like the rest of them. *if u get what i mean. OH! he's not chinese either ;)

So I took a couple of photos, paid my summon, got my car unclamped and wrote an official complaint letter. It's not an issue of RM 30 but a matter of right or wrong and of course I felt so cheated! WAH! I was really thinking of all the vulgar words in every single language i know man. KNN CCB! MCH! @$$HOLES! F**KER!! PERGI MATI LARH!! KI KUNNNN LARH!!! :p I was discontented and unsatisfied at first, but after writing the letter, I felt so much better. My senior realised I was in such a foul mood because she was with me at the time we noticed my car was clamped and she was really kind and nice about it. :) Anyway, here are 2 photos for you to decide if I should have been clamped or not.

Oh oh, and in my letter of complaint; I was SO tempted to write a disclaimer at the bottom which would say

"Jikalau pihak tuan tidak faham apa yang ditulis di dalam surat ini, sila berhubung dengan saya di alamat di atas supaya saya boleh mentranslasikan surat kepada Bahasa Malaysia agar pihak tuan dapat memahami ia. Terima kasih"

but in the end I chose not to. :p I still want my RM 30 back.


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