Sunday, July 17, 2005


I'm not sure if it's my patience wearing thin or I've just reached my limit but I really have to say that I can't stand it when people speak half truths (especially about me larh... since it is MY blog anyway). I seriously hate it when my friends tell half truths to my other friends with stuff regarding to me. I mean wtf man?! Not only did you leave out important and relevant information, but you also added in FALSE information that you made up to cover the holes. I mean although the things you say may not be important and I should not mind but it is FRICKING irritating to be hearing stories that are only have true about me.

Another thing which I totally HATE is people jumping to conclusions about me. Sigh, this seems to be happening so very often. Just cause you don't know the FULL story, you've already started blaming me. WTF LARH?!?! Might as well blame everything on me. Why don't you blame me for the FRICKING London bombings just cause I'm a Malaysian and 1 of the bombers had a Malaysian neighbour?! It's DAMN irritating to be blamed for something that I didn't even do ok?!?! So you say I influenced other people to do something?!?! You don't even know the first word of the story and you're already blaming me?! Sorry to say larh but if they are so easily influenced you need to check check on them first before even looking at me. You can't just force someone to go against their own will. Stop passing judgement even before you know the whole story man. All you heard was one sentence and you assumed 5 other sentences and jumped to your own conclusion. Good job!!! Why don't you read the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and conclude the entire book there and then. SCREW the other chapters! Who needs them?! Definitely not you. (*the angst in this paragraph is not directed at the incident related to the outing at Velvet last night*)

Possibly the thing which I hate the MOST is when people keep on REPEATING the SAME story OVER and OVER AGAIN! I mean come on man! You think I really like hearing you tell EVERY SINGLE Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Jill and Little Red Riding Hood that we meet about some DAMN incident that happened AGES ago?!?! An incident that I barely even remember!! An incident that in my opinion was very innocent but you make it sound as though the WHOLE DAMN Earth is going to explode! I've already given up trying to expain myself. Me not defending myself DOESN'T mean that you're right. It just means that I don't give a damn about your Jack and the Beanstalk story. I know you mean no harm with the story and you're merely teasing but after hearing it for the 8765434567th (*totally random number*) time, I'm sick, bored and tired of listening to it. If you're not sick of telling people about it, my ears are sick of listening to it.

I know that sometimes I jump to conclusions and tell half truths too. You probably hate it as much as I do. You might even think this is the case of the pot calling the kettle black. I won't say I'm not guilty free of the following deeds. I honestly probably am guilty for doing the things above. If I have pissed any of you off in any kind of way. Please do come up to me and tell me. Sometimes I know we all do things we do not realise hurts or irritates other people. I am no exception so please do let me know if I have done anything wrong to you.


Blogger shaun said...

all you fucking bitches, step on someone else's toes. get your own life. bitch about your own mom.

leave kev alone.

9:29 PM  

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