Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friday Night Dreams

YEAH!! The week has ended!! Gosh, I really had so much to do last week. I'm relieved and glad that the weekends are here. It wasn't exactly a very bad week, just a busy and a little tiring week. I'm glad I've more or less wrapped up the current project I'm on at work. :)

Heh heh, I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little disappointed. During my "beauty sleep" I had nice pleasant Friday Night Dreams. So I woke up feeling as though it was a Saturday morning.... but deep down I knew it was a Friday morning. SIGH!!! Friday Night Dreams are dreams I usually have on weekends where I'll dream of playing, having fun and just enjoying myself. They're different from weekday dreams where I'll dream of work, driving to work and other boring stuff. Sigh, so you get my disappointment when I woke up thinking it was a Saturday only to realise it was a Friday and I still had work to do. I only left the office at 645pm yesterday to wrap up my work. Sorry to say larh... but that's already quite late in my books :p

La la la.... I've had a bit of diarrhoea going on for.... 3 days now.. I STRONGLY belive it's because of the SUPER DUPER heavy supper I had at Murni's on Wednesday night. 1 longan JUMBO and 1 mee utara = GG Kev. Anyway, I kinda deserve to be still sick in a way. Haha... This is what you get for eating curry and durian while having diarrhoea. :p Btw, I've yet to watch any movies in the cinema yet besides Batman Begins. Anyone wants to date me? Please feel free to call me. :)


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