Saturday, July 02, 2005


Sigh, I've been dreaming of the same person for the past 2-3 days now. This made me wonder, do our dreams really speak of what our heart yearns to say? I did not expect to have these dreams at this point of time and obviously I can't change the channels. This got me wondering, what's up with the dreams?!?! Well, before any of you get any ideas in the demented minds of yours, let me first clarify that these aren't any naughty or steamy dreams or non-dry dreams either. These are decent U-Rated dreams.

Nothing really happened in the dreams, but just the fact that it "starred" the same person over and over again kind of bothered me a little. It's rather "coincidental" if you ask me. I had the feeling I was watching old Sylvester Stallone movies. Rocky, Over the Top, Rambo and etc. larh. Same actor different movies. All in the same time span with the same expressions. ZZzzZzZZZzzZzz at least there weren't any re-runs or serials. Rocky 1 - 5, Rambo 1 - 4 = No thanx. Imagine Dream 1 - 5!!
Episode 1 - The Dream
Episode 2 - The Attack of the Dream
Episode 3 - The Dream Strikes Back
Episode 4 - The Dream Revisited
Episode 5 - The Return of the Dream

Like that I can have my own theme song for the dreams already. Maybe it'll sound a little like the Happy Tree Friends theme song.

I need someone to interpret my dreams for me!!!


Blogger me me me said...

Hmm..recurring dreams, eh?

I think some dreams are a way our mind deals with issues we just can't seem to tackle in real life. You know, like, if you're all stressed up about something and can't do anything about it, you dream about it so hopefully it helps you work that stress out. Like talking to a shrink.

Anyway I read that theory somewhere before and it made a lot of sense.

By the way, these dreams had better not be about You Know Who (and I'm not talking Lord Voldemort, baby).

1:09 AM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

Hahaha... well, You Know Who seems to think that it is... :p but i'll leave that open to interpretation :p

3:26 AM  

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