Sunday, June 19, 2005

Silly School Kids

Another week went by without much excitement until the story on the road bullies in Victoria Institute came out in the news. Story link is here. For those that do not know, Victoria Institute is supposed to be an extremely good secondary school in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Although the focus is on the bullies but I feel that the victim did it to himself. I mean come on, he decided that he was more important than the others and proceeded to cut the queue to the sick room. What is that?! It is a sick room! Where's did his conscience and manners run to?! Although he probably did not deserved to get beat up but he truly did it to himself. Kids these days.

This story was followed up with a statement from the Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein saying that he will protect the victims of school bullies. No offense but how much assurance or protection can you give these victims if they are targetted by gangs? Can you protect them 24/7 from other members of the gang although you assaulters are thrown out from school? Are you going to call the cops in to follow the victims in school, to their car and back home? Sigh, school gangs are so much bigger than that. Hats of to him if he really tries his best but don't promise things you can't do. I'm not saying he can't protect them fully, but I personally doubt it.

School gangs and bullies have always been around. Even back in the secondary school days, although gang fights were few and far between but they were definitely not a fantasy. Being a prefect, it was pretty obvious who the kids who required "special" attention were. Lucky for me, I never got into real trouble with them. Maybe I was a little pussy who didn't dare challenge them but being an aggressive prefect was never my style. I always believed that it is better to talk things out an negotiate a little, give and take a little rather than screaming, shouting or threatening them. I guess everybody has their own style. Some people prefer being the threatening kind but if I was at the receiving end, I would hardly give a damn. Well, I guess if I wasn't a prefect I would be a rebellious little punk. :p

Sigh... these brings back memories of the good ol' school days. Parangs, flying kicks, masked Malay gangsters, chases around the school and many more. Wow... such "fond" memories. Haha... I remember looking out from my classroom window to see some Malay gangsters running away from a group of Chinese gangsters, a car pulling up, opening its trunk and out comes the parangs. CHASE CHASE CHASE!! After that, got censored by the school walls. :p


Blogger shaun said...

i still think it's all bullshit.

i still don't see the fun and excitement in beating other kids up just because he looked at you the wrong way. those fights used to scare the shit out of me because you never know which random person they could target. the victim, usually the one without a gang. how courages is 10 people beating up one person with no backup. gone are the days where problems could be solved with words. oh wait, those fellas aren't so capable of many words. my bad.

once you get out of school, you realise nobody does this shit anymore. i didn't see this shit in Taylor's or Monash. or maybe we've been to the wrong school?

childish adolescence. so much rage. never knew puberty was that hard. i feel for their parents.

10:43 AM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

Haha shaun.. If you did find the joy in beating up a kid although he did do you wrong first, you'd be a punk now wouldn't you? You'd be a Djemba-djemba instead of a Beckham. :p

8:11 PM  
Blogger shaun said...

flattering, pretty flattering.

7:49 AM  

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