Friday, June 24, 2005

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Kevin isn't a very patient man. Kevin doesn't like to wait for people. Yet, Kevin waited for more than 2 hours at KLCC. Kevin walked around carrying his laptop bag for that entire duration. Kevin finished reading 2 Archie double digests and 1 normal Archie comic. Kevin was bored out of his brains. Do you Kevin would have been pissed?? Sure, under different circumstances Kevin would have been pissed for having to wait so long. But the answer is no. Kevin walked around with a skip and a hop in his stride, read Archie books with an open mind and stood around looking at nonsensical stuff with a smile and a grin on his face. People were probably looking at me thinking "What's wrong with this guy, walking around lugging that heavy laptop bag while smiling to himself?!!?!"

Was the wait worth it in the end? Yeah sure, Kevin had fun talking and joking over dinner. The company was as sweet and enjoyable as he last remembered. Catching up with friends is something Kevin has always enjoyed. Kevin fetched her back home and yet again the small talk during the journey was pleasant to say the least. Waiting for 2 over hours definitely built up some suspense and anticipation. How would Kevin react after months and months of anticipation? What would be thought of Kevin?? Did he put on weight?! Flurry of thoughts rushed through Kevin's mind as that moment drew closer and closer. EXCITEMENT! SUSPENSE! INTRIGUE! It cannot be denied that the company is such a wonderful person. Then they met up. Everything was great, BUT ............


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