Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weekly Update

So far it has been an eventful week. Been at the client’s office since Monday. My senior has been assigned to Labuan for a week, so I’ve been there alone so far. Thank goodness for the financial auditors there if not I’ll be bored out of my brain. I guess that is one good thing about my job is that I get to meet many people from different departments. This group of financial auditors is really friendly and nice, so it hasn’t been too difficult to make small talk here and there.

Today started AWFULLY for me. Firstly, I forgot my organizer. Thankfully I remembered it before entering the lift. Then, I realized that I had forgotten my tie just as I was to step into the car. Thankfully my dad said he had an extra tie in the office so I could take his. Worst of all, my wallet dropped out from my pants pocket while I was in the car so I had to return to the car to retrieve it. Sigh, if this morning is any indication of how my day will go, I’m looking forward to it ending. It isn’t even 9pm and I’m already dreading the day.

For those that do not know, I went up Genting over the weekend. Julian and Wei Lik drove up on Friday night and we came down on Saturday evening. I DEFINITELY had a good time there. Not like I won any money or anything but it was good because I had time to enjoy myself without any qualms. It was real fun to just hang out and chill out with Wei Lik, Yin Ping, Bobby, Yoong and Julian there. Just looking for the mamak at 1-2am in the morning was already a mini-adventure for all of us. Haha…. We did go to the Casino, but I didn’t gamble. Gambling just isn’t my thing. Yeah yeah, I know I’m sure a bore but too bad. :p Anyway, I watched other people gambling away their money. I couldn’t really grasp the whole concept of Baccarat although I was trying my best to pay attention to it. The rules of Blackjack there are ENTIRELY different from the rules we play during Chinese New Year. Roulette has got to be the most boring thing in the world and slots is just lame. :p

Besides that, we really had fun drinking and talking in the rooms. Haha… more pictures of my holding alcohol coming soon. :p Further information on what happened next shall within the Fellowship of the Beer in Genting. Hahaha… but all in all, I would say the Genting trip was money well spent. Don’t worry Jues, I won’t run away with your toll and petrol money. 

An all guys trip is always fun, because every kind of rubbish and crap you can think of will definitely come out. Guys among guys will never hold back whatever stupid thing is in their mind. But that’s the fun part you see. If everyone just opens up and be themselves, it is definitely a great time. But of course, if you go for a short trip with girls it is also fun in its own way. ESPECIALLY if it is a girl you can really talk to or you kind of have feelings for. Just taking late night walks in the near-cold Genting weather, talking about anything under the sun (moon in this case), doing nothing special but just enjoying each others company. Makes me wish I had someone to spend such quality time with. 

PS. Mandy and Cindy may not reply to the last part of this post because I do not want to spend such quality time with the 2 of you. :p Besides the both of them, any other girls are more than welcomed to submit your “CV” to me. Hahaha….. OH OH! Bobby is not allowed to apply either. :p


Anonymous bobby said...

what?!?!? im not 'any other girl' ....

1:44 AM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

ahahaha eeeewwwwww sounds so wrong... :p

8:13 AM  
Anonymous bobby said...

imagine if yin brought the brandy.... wa ...

12:47 AM  

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