Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nothing is Impossible

AH! How often have we heard this phrase? Or how often have we used this phrase to encourage our friends to try harder and not be demotivated? Sad to say.... there are things that are impossible. Do you think it is possible to force yourself to grow taller? If you're done growing, I don't believe that it's possible to grow and extra inch if you've already fully grown. Do you think it's possible to fit 50 people into a Kancil?! Don't you feel that it's an impossible feat? When there's a will there's a way you say?! So if I really REALLY want to grow taller when I'm 40 years old I will?! If I'm strong willed to fit 50 people into a Kancil does that mean it's possible? I don't think so... please correct me if I'm wrong. I want to fly without the aid of mechanics or other equipment. Do you really think that's physically possible?? Nothing is impossible? BAH! Bullsh*t!

Oh by the way, I watched Fantastic Four in GSC 1 Utama today. The movie was alright not too bad. But I just want to mention that Row A is simply the BEST seats in the house. Although it's situated all the way in the back, but they have EXTREMELY large leg room. FUIYOH! I was so excited man! I could constantly swish my legs left and right, front and back and I wouldn't hit the chair in front. I'm going to try for Row A next time no matter what movie I'm watching. I tried unsuccessfully to take a good photo to show exactly how HUGE the leg room is. :p Haha... You'll have to see it to believe it.


Blogger shaun said...

hey kev what's up man? why so twitchy today?

nothing is impossible: it's meant for non-physical things. anything mental and emotional is possible. mind over matter.

10:59 PM  
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