Saturday, July 23, 2005


In my life, I feel that there are 5 types of friends. However, this applies only to me and me alone. You could probably only categorise them into 1 type or even 10 types. I guess this defers for everybody.

Great Friends

For me, not many friends fall under this category. These are my friends which whom I value the most. Although they might not be people I always hang out with but deep down inside me, I know how much these friends really mean to me. They are the ones whom I will call whenever I need someone to talk to. Even if I don’t talk to them about my problems, just hearing their voice and knowing that I’ll never be alone as long as I have them is good enough for me. I have to admit that I’m very protective of these friends and if anything were to happen to them, I’d take it personally. They matter THAT much to me. Although we may not be close physically but I really feel we share a sense of closeness in our hearts. I really feel extremely comfortable in front of these people as I know they will not judge me. I am totally honest with them because I feel that there’s nothing to hide. I want them to know who I really am and that’s the bottom line.

Close Friends

This is reserved for my close friends who I always hangout with, joke around with and share joy, laughter and a little heartache with. Seriously, without these friends I wouldn’t know where I’ll be today. When majority of my close friends from high school left, I thought how am I going to survive? But thankfully, I found a new bunch of close friends who’ve stuck with me till now no matter how irritating and frustrating I’ve been. And now 2 groups of close friends have sort of merged into 1 BIGGER group. I really do enjoy the company of this circle of friends and I know that no matter what happens, I can turn to them as well. Although they’ll probably tease me SUPER DUPER a lot when it’s all over but I know they’ll be supportive when they have to be. :p Yes yes, thank all of my close friends in my life.


Ah… friends. This covers all of the people who I treat as friends. Friends who I’d make an effort to catch up with. Friends who I try my best to see how they’re doing. Friends who I feel glad seeing them after a long period of time. People who’ll treat me as equals. Just friends.


These are people who I’ve basically met in my journey of life. Friends of friends who were introduced to me. People who I most of the time just say Hi! and Bye! to if I bump into them. People who I’ll ask the most common of questions. “So how’ve you been?” “What you’ve been up to?” I do mean it when I ask them those questions, I really am interested in getting to them more, it’s just you can’t deny the fact that we aren’t all that close.


Ah! My last category of friends, or in this case “friends”. People who were once my friends but has now been “transferred” to a different category. People who act as though they are my friends in real life, put on a smile and talk to me as though nothing is wrong. Yet, behind my back I feel the knives coming and the hyenas laughing. These people are simple the BEST people in the world. I mean like “WOW!”. We were born with only 1 face, yet these people were able to conjure up another. AMAZING!! When you bump into them again, they’ll act as if I’m their long lost cousin or something. I’ve been feeling that people actually think this is a prestigious group and have been “requesting” to be put in to this group. It’s frame Kevin week anyway. Why not jump all of you jump on the bandwagon?


Anonymous KC said...

And I would fit into the category of......????

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