Thursday, July 21, 2005


I was going to rant once more today. But I realised that some people just aren't worth my time. Instead, I'll blog about something which I personally feel is very important. Firstly, let me start by apologizing to my bumiputra friends. I am not defaming your race or religion, I am however giving my opinions (which aren't very complimentary) on certain people of your race and religion.

If you didn't hear already, UMNO Youth has stated that they would like the New Economic Policy (NEP) to return. The purpose of the NEP is to ensure that the 30% bumiputra stake of corporate ownership was maintained. If you'll allow me to quote Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin,

“No need to hide. This is the Malay agenda. We want 30% equity for the bumiputras so that they will be on par with the other races.”

Why do you look down on your own race?! Do you feel that it isn't possible for you all to be on par with the other races without enlisting the help of the government? Does it make you feel proud if you really do make it on par with the other races through not your own abilities but the government's funding? I'm sorry for you if that's what it takes to make you happy. Indirectly you are telling the entire world that Malays aren't capable of being on par with the other races without the 30% equity for the bumiputras. Gee.. way to make your people look good man.

Next I would like to comment on Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, son of Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. Our ex-prime minister was and still is someone who I greatly admire. However, I have to comment that his son seems a far cry from his dad's superiority.

"He said the NEP had allowed Malays to compete successfully with other races globally."

Yet again somebody has implied that the Malays aren't able to compete successfully with the other races without the help of the NEP. Do you really have so little faith in your own people that you think they cannot succeed in life without the NEP? Even if it's true that it is only through NEP that these people have reaped success, do you think it's right to continue spoon feeding them?! Do you feel that it's ideal to continue treating them like kids?! In school our teachers always say "We cannot keep giving you the answers. You must answer them on your own." So what's this? Why don't the Education Ministry just follow the example of the NEP and give us exams with answers in the back page? What's the difference to offering the NEP to bumis?

Again I quote from The Star newspaper :

Mukhriz said the Malays were not poor businessmen, bangsat (despicable) or a backward race.

“We are the descendents of a race that once ruled an empire. Our people are known for its culture and resourcefulness,” he said.

If you really feel that Malays are such great people, then why do you still want to request for the NEP? Can't you just make it on your own without the help of other people? I refuse to believe that someone who feels the need to enlist the help of others can think so highly of themselves. I'll only truly respect you if you deserve it by striving on your own and accomplishing your success through your own sweat and blood. And anyhow, it doesn't matter what your ancestors did. It doesn't matter if your father was Tarzan, King of the Jungle or George of the Jungle. You'll only be remembered for what you've done in your lifetime and not what your ancestors did in theirs. But I'll give him one thing though. Your people are REALLY known for being resourceful. Using other people's money to claim your own success. Knowing where to dig for water in a desert land. Now THAT's what I call resourceful.

In conclusion, I would like to add that you shouldn't judge people by generalizing. I'm sure there is a super long list of successful Malays who achieved everything through their own efforts. These are the true Malays whom I will take my hat off to and sincerely respect. Climbing to the top of the mountain through their own efforts. BRAVO!! These are the people you should look up to, NOT the people who gain success through the efforts of others.


Blogger kim C. said...

wow...=]..i know what you mean..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say it like it is, brother!

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