Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm BACK!!

WOOHOO!! Just came back from Rompin, Pahang for my Department's Trip. My department, RaBS went left for Summerset Resort in Rompin on Saturday morning for our team building/bonding trip. It was definitely SUPER DUPER fun man. I had a terrific time there. Although my teams did not win the team building games I still had so much fun just participating in them. I also got to know many of my colleagues whom I had no idea existed before the trip.

Besides team building games, I played beach volleyball and beach soccer! I've never really been a beach person but I really totally enjoyed myself this time. I guess it pays to let yourself go at times. I guess the best thing about the trip was the DRINKS!!!! Well, actually I'm supposed to say it was the bonding of colleagues but to be honest, it was the bonding of colleagues during and after a few drinks!! WOOHOO!! Haha... I had a couple of drinks for the 2 nights and eventually I lost my voice after the second night. :p Whoops! Guess I'm a little too loud while I'm in my "HAPPY" mood.

Fooh! During the first night there, the newbies had to put on a performance for the joy and pleasure of those that have already been through the ordeal. SO embarassing man!! But at least it's past me now. Hahaha... pai seh! I had to admit that a couple of drinks before going up on stage really helpd build up a little courage. :p I'm a little disappointed that I've to start work tomorrow after such a great time off but I guess that's life. We can't just have fun all the time. Unfortunately lar. :(

Anyway, when I came back I was rather surprised to see that petrol has gone up by 10 cents per litre. WTH man?!?! Wasn't it just a couple of weeks back that our Prime Minister ANNOUCED that the price of petrol won't go up so fast. Sigh, BULLSH*T man! Dr. Mahathir was such an excellent leader and still is such a GREAT well-respected individual in Malaysia. Just look at how he handled himself during the AP situation. The current Prime Minister has such HUGE shoes to fill and he seems a couple of socks short of filling them. Sad to say, I'm sure a couple of Malaysians other than myself probably felt extremely cheated by his earlier comments. That's politics and I guess when you're a slave to the government you just have to live with such horrendous decisions.


Anonymous Bobby said...

alcoholics anonymous .... :P

1:47 AM  
Blogger kim C. said...

hey there!'s work coming along? :D

7:21 PM  

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