Friday, September 30, 2005

My Friend

I've a friend; let's call him T. This guy is an online addict just like I am. He'll be online at every opportunity he gets. Suddenly, during office the other day; he messaged me on MSN. I was rather surprised to see him online because he said that the auditors were in to check for installation of 3rd party softwares and MSN fell into that category. So I casually asked if the auditors are done with his computer that's why the new found bravery and all.

But NOPP! I was SO wrong that I couldn't be any wrong-er. Apparently T is a GENIUS and he can do anything he wants when he puts his heart to it. He installed MSN on his thumb drive and opened it from there! WOW man! I was SO impressed with his resourcefulness. Gosh, you need people like this in your office man. Resourceful and innovative in solutions. GOOD JOB T!


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