Thursday, September 15, 2005


I recently realised that I'm setting a trend for myself. I've been falling for the wrong type of girls these days. It's like I can pretty much chart a graph out to predict the next girl that I'll be interested in. Time to use the data mining techniques I learnt in APIIT to good effect man. But on a more serios note, I really don't know lah. It seems like every time I've felt something for a girl, I know it won't ever work out.

I've fallen for my fair share of unsingle girls during this short period of time. Sigh, wat the heck man. Although there are konon-nya many other fishes in the big, vast sea but sad to say most of the good fishes are already taken man. So it's no big surprise that I ended up falling for someone who's already taken. But when more than half of the girls that I've been interested to know better have already been taken, I realised that I kinda screwed myself over la.

If falling for girls who have already been taken aren't bad enough, I have to fall for girls that show totally no interest what so ever in me. Sigh, maybe I'm falling for girls that are WAY out of my league lah. :( It's like you can't fish for salmon while using a bamboo stick as a fishing rod and tofu as bait. I need to restrategize and restructure my feelings to reach a different target audience man. :p

There are also the girls that should remain a hands off issue thing. One should not fall for good friends, friend's ex-es, colleagues and etc. lah. Sigh, sad to say I've fallen for girls in those categories before. GREAT NEWS man! Whoopie doo! I apologize if you don't notice a hint of sarcasm in my tone.

And of course not forgetting my LATEST craze! Falling for girls who stay FAR away. WOOT! Petrol is cheap man and I learnt how to teleport. Although you might say that if you really love a person, distance is not an issue especially if it's not Long Distance Relationship (LDR), but to be realistic; petrol is not getting cheaper by the day and traffic jams are not easing up either. Minimal driving to her place would be most ideal. :p

Well, hopefully things work out for me and I'll fall for someone who is meant for me. Till then I'm in no hurry and I am enjoying my freedom. :) But but but if any chiqs wanna apply for the opening of Girlfriend, please submit your resume to with a cover letter and a self photograph. Thank you :p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:21 PM  
Blogger kim C. said...

Hahahahaha..kevin!!!! GREAT post! Haha..dude, well written piece of tofu.. about the fish and the bait :P

5:30 PM  
Anonymous bobby said...

Name: Bobby
DOB: 22 july 1983
Sex: M
Occupation: Student
Character: Loving and Caring
Description: Able to drive long distance therefore LDR is not applicable here :)

Sorry picture was unavailable because it will be deemed as inappropriate for such a 'clean' site :)

2:25 AM  
Blogger kevinleng said...

Kim : heh heh thanx.... :)
bobby : no comment -.-

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Yin said...

welcome to my world~! Always falling for the wrong person... like you said, there's always other fishes in the big vast sea.. how true is that? if so, why do we fall for this people, the ones closest to us hence the one that understands us most, our ex's bestfriends, etc. etc.
Meanwhile, we can hang out together!! while waiting for so-called THE ONE to come along and sweep us off our feet.

3:48 PM  
Blogger ongngg said...

nice piece. i feel your pain. falling the wrong one is okie as long as pulling it back on time. life is still good being single. cheers!

1:00 PM  

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