Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Courtesy and Malaysians

def: Polite behavior

def: Humans who are born and bred in Malaysia

Is it just me or are these 2 words mutually exclusive? I've been paying a little more attention to what's been happening around me and I realised that Malaysians in general aren't really courteous. While I will agree that not all Malaysians are like that, but probably 7/10 are. These are the results of a couple of tests and observations that I carried out the past week or 2.

The ElevatorTest
Everyday at work, I have to take the elevator up to my office. Therefore, I took the time to observe people around me. I realised that people don't give a damn about people coming out of the elevator. They just stand in front of the elevator door as it opens and walk straight in even before the people stream out. That's just screwed up man. Its common sense to let people walk out first larh. Not like people walking out will walk back in so there won't be anymore space for you to squeeze in. Ok, never mind.... Most of the time I stand near the door because more often than not my floor will be the first stop. So its not uncommon for people to ask me to press their floor button for them, but I've almost never heard a word of "Please" or "Thank you". There are also times when people will just barge out of the elevator without saying "Excuse Me" or "Sorry". Seems like these few words are a little difficult to pronounce. Ok fine, when the elevator's aren't that full, I really hate people who press the Close button even before you enter the lift although you're right behind them. I mean like WTH right?!?! It's not like you can't see me or I don't know how to press close after pressing my floor. IDIOTS!

The Door Test
First of all, people in my department pass with flying colours in this aspect. Every single colleague that I've held the door open for or something has said "Thanks" or something along those lines. However, other people in general aren't so courteous. Some just walk pass without acknowledging your presence as if the door is held open by its own will. Others are just plain rude that they purposely let go off the door without looking behind them to ensure that no one is following closely. This happens ESPECIALLY after a movie in a cinema ends. Some people just let the door swing back in although its EXTREMELY obvious there are plenty of people following them. Is it too difficult to hold on to the door for an extra 1-2 seconds for another person to catch hold of it first??!! On the other hand, some people are SO impolite that when I hold the door open for them, they don't bother saying "Thank you" or even make an effort to catch hold of the door for the people behind them. It's like WTH?!?! Do I look like a doorman to you?!!? Sigh, some people are just so damn stupid.

The CarPark Test
Do you realise that some people just take AGES to get their car out even with people waiting for them? I mean if there are people waiting for your parking lot then at least make an effort to come out within the shortest time possible larh. I'm not asking you to hurry up and all, just do all the essentials first larh. There was this one time that I was waiting for a parking lot and this stupid B*TCH of a girl took DAMN long to come out because she was talking with another friend. It was SUPERBLY obvious that my car was waiting but they would just chit chat and talk as though their the only people left in the world. Ok, never mind..... Have you ever tried tailing a guy walking to his/her car to grab his parking lot only to realise that he's only there to take/put something from/in the car? Wow, I mean how inconsiderate can you be? I'm sure it's not too much trouble to just signal to the tailing car that you're not coming out. How would you like it if someone did it to you?

Apparently Malaysians find it a bit difficult to say "Please", "Thank you", "Sorry" or "Excuse Me". Saying those few words won't waste you too much time or just a smile of appreciation will do the trick. With that being said, I know I cannot generalize Malaysians due to a few inconsiderate people. Don't get me wrong, I have wonderful people around me who are extremely considerate and courteous. Sometimes in life, all the small little things account for something. Courtesy should not take a back seat to money.

Oh, and for those who listen to Hitz.FM, I think the Merdeka Man thing is such CRAP and B*LLSH*T man. How can you test the generosity of Malaysians like that? The Merdeka Man thing was SO commercialized man. If you really want to test the generosity of Malaysians, I dare you to put someone out there with no money, no handphone and no support from Hitz.FM or anything organization and see if he can travel to every state and last for a couple of days. Honestly speaking, I doubt anyone will give a damn about that person. I mean to be brutally honest, if a man came up to me and said he has no money and no shelter but he needs to go to Perak and needs a lift or a bus ticket to go there, I'll think that he's a drug addict looking for money to get his daily fix. Do you actually believe that I would give him any money or even take the risk or driving him to Perak? Unfortunately I won't, but that doesn't mean I'm not generous. We read about all sort of murders and robberies in the news everyday, to actually pick up a hitchhiker isn't the smartest thing to do in my opinion.

Ok ok.... that's all I have to say this time. Shall try to blog about something lighter and happier the next time.


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