Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some Friends.....

I've always considered myself lucky to be surrounded by many good friends. Friends that I can rely on and trust. I've always tried to make an effort to keep in touch with all my friends, especially if they aren't around. Some friends are really worth the effort and it doesn't hurt to set aside some time and effort to ensure that the gap of friendship does not grow too wide although the distance ain't near. Some friends will always remain close although you may not see each other often or even talk to each other often. Friendship is never about proximity or physical closeness. Its about the connection between 2 individuals. I would say that I have my fair amount of friends who I really do try my best to ensure that nothing comes between us because I feel that they are certainly worth every single effort that I put in.

While it puts a smile on my face to recall friends that I have around me, I have to admint that I've made my fair amount of mistakes with friends as well. Some friends who I thought were worth the effort turned out to be a great letdown. Although the saying goes "Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me", I have to disagree with that. Words from someone who is important to you can really hurt real bad. Hurtful words from a close friend can really shatter your heart, this coming from first hand experience. Some people might think I expect the world from my friends, but honestly I only expect the bare minimum. To be treated like how your other friends are treated. But sometimes I feel that I'm used as a fall guy, an excuse or even just a butler or a personal assistant there to help but never to get anything in return. I am a friend, not a servant. I will always do my best to help my friends in need, but there's definitely a limit with all things. And I guess, in the end, some friends just aren't worth any effort at all.


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