Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentines Part 2

Tomorrow will mark my 4th year in a row that I'll be spending Valentine's Day as a single man. But I'm not complaining. I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. Honestly, not to be sour grapes or whatever but Valentine's Day has been so commercialised these days that it is now power struggle between retail outlets more than anything else. Even restaurants have jumped on the band wagon to only serve "Valentine's Day Set Dinner" with an increment of 100% in pricing. Probably the 100% increase in the price JUST cause its Valentine's Day is because the restaurants had to think of the best way to cheat their customers money on that day. So the extra money you're paying is to congratulate them for a job well done. :)

Anyway, I really believe that Valentine's Day is not about the flowers you send, the gifts you buy or even the dinners you have. The only important thing about Valentine's Day is the person you spend it with. It doesn't matter if I get a toothpick as a Valentine's present, it definitely won't matter if dinner is by the road side eating Char Kuey Teow and I definitely won't mind if all these are done 1 week before or even 1 week after as long as the company is there. You can send me to Italy to have the BEST italian food and give me the best gift money can buy; it doesn't account for a thing if the company is not right. The best things in the world just can't compete with a hand written card from the 1 you really care about.

At this point of time, the best Valentine's I can wish for is just a simpler dinner and some time alone with someone special to me. Doesn't have to be something fancy pancy or expensive. Its the company that matters and that's the truth. :)


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