Friday, April 07, 2006

A very fine month and a great birthday....

To those that do not know, I turned 23 recently. I had a tremendous celebration. I practically celebrated my birthday for 3-4 consecutive nights. On Friday night, I had an awesome dinner in Prego, Westin. The meal was great, the service was very good and to cap it all of; the company was perfect. Prego, Westin is definitely my favourite Italian restaurant by a mile. The food is absolutely brilliant.

After a great dinner, I went to Jues' house for a mini drinking session. We ended up playing a drinking game which was OBVIOUSLY chosen to make me drink more. All thanks to Lok. Although a bit tipsy, I was still quite sober although I had to lay down awhile before driving. It was definitely a great time spent with good friends.

On Saturday, I went to KLCC and MidValley in the afternoon for fun. I went to New Paris SS2 with my usual group of friends for dinner where I treated them to a simple dinner. Then we adjourned to Breakers for a couple rounds of pool. I thank my friends for giving me face and turning up on the eve of my birthday and for spending time with me.

Then on the actual day itself, I went to 1U during lunch time to have lunch with Akmal, May Yee and Wen Hsi. At night I of course had dinner with my family in Iketeru, Hilton Sentral. After dinner I went down to Jalan Imbi for beef noodles.

The next day, went for training but at night I went for a tour of Subang. Haha... I went to Sunway then Taipan and then back to SS 15. On Tuesday night, I went for dinner in Lobsterman with my colleagues and then for drinks with them in Slippery Senoritas. My colleagues bought me a flaming, a shot of JD, a shot of strawberry something and some licorice thing (semboka) or something like that. I also had several glasses of whisky. Thankfully I was still sober in the end.

This was probably my best and favourite birthday ever because I managed to celebrate it with lots of different people. But to be honest, there is someone incredibly special that made this birthday even better. Someone who spent nearly everyday with me throughout that period of time. Someone who really made me super happy during this period of time. Someone who touched my heart with her sweet words. Someone who never fails to amaze me.