Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Just like every other year, we grow a year older this year. Somethings in life just never change. But if we reflect on the years that have passed, we won't fail to notice that some things never do stay the same. Remember how there used to be a World Trade Centre in New York? Remember how Acheh used actually look like a city? While somethings in life never change, somethings will never remain the same forever. You never know what will happen tomorrow or even the next second.

I recall how the big news back in high school was the high rate of bohsia and bohjans around the country. Back then bohsia news were like selling like hotcakes. Every newspaper probably published a story or follow up story or something on that stupid redundant topic every week. Come to think of it, bohsia was probably the main reason why the Government came up with the Rakan Muda crap. I wonder how is that Rakan Muda thing going now. My guess it probably went down the drain together with the bohsia news.

Then a few years back, the 9-11 tragedy made the headlines of probably every single newspaper in the world. The shock and disbelief of this traumatic experience captured not only the eyes of the world but also the hearts of many. No matter what a dumb ass government the United States has, our hearts still bleed for the many innocent lives that were affected by that incident.

The tsunami that occured 1 year + back really stole the limelight from the Western countries and forced it to shine on our small region of Asia. The plight of many Asians affected by this natural disaster was highlighted to the entire world via CNN, TIMES, Newseek and etc....

Who knows what will happen next? Who can tell what would happen in the next 5 - 10 years? We cannot deny that the world is changing and we as humans are constantly changing. I am definitely not the boy I was 5 years ago. Neither will I be the person I am now 5 years from today. We live and we learn. We improve with experience and we become more experienced as we age. Life is a text book and we learn more as we flip the pages. The only problem is are we willing to study or merely flip through the pages? Will we bother taking down extra notes as we go through each chapter, to ensure that we won't forget the lessons that have been learnt?

5 years ago I never expected to be sitting in the office, having fun and joking around with my colleagues while being stressed out. 10 years ago, I never thought that I would be an IT graduate. 15 years ago, it never crossed my mind that alcohol tastes better than chocolate or vitagen. Who knows what will happen in the future? But that doesn't stop us from looking into our little text book to see what has passed and flip to the next page.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

On the brink of tears...

The past 2 weeks has been HELL! Been trying to complete an engagement for work and I've really been suffering like MAD!!! I seem to have encountered a mental block and plenty of bad luck. Sigh, I really don't know man. I really felt TOTALLY useless at one point of time that I was on the verge of breaking down. I was honestly going to burst into tears one day because I just didn't feel that I was capable of doing anything right. Thanks to some colleagues and friends who showed faith in me, I toughened up and managed to accomplish something out of nothing. Now, I'm back to square one for another test. Sigh, this sucks man. I just totally don't understand. :(

Although my senior has been more than helpful but I can't seem to work things out. I really do feel like the whole world is against me and I'm really worried what if I can't finish my work. Sigh, my senior and manager has already pushed the dateline back for me and I don't want to fail them. But I really can't do anything about it. I'm just unable to grasp the concept. Certain things just aren't going my way. I really hope I pull through and next week will be all better.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Progression & Friendships...

How far have we come since we were kids?
We've been through milk cartons,
We all remember playing catching or police & thief,
Canteen food will remain in our minds for life,
Guys went through the transition from shorts to long pants in secondary school,
Don't we remember what pain in the asses we were to our teachers,
Ah, I recall the puppy loving and the ever hot rumours running around school,
My days of LEO club will always be fresh in my head,
College years were great fun,
Procrastination was never more evident,
Late nights to rush assignments,
The thrill and also chills of datelines,
Here I am now in the working world,
Part of the great Rat Race,
Paying my own bills,
Worrying if I've saved enough,
Trying my hardest to excel in this dog eat dog world,
Where money plays such a crucial role,
And in the midst of my life's progression,
Somethings just never change,
I've always made sure that my friends are always around,
Great friends who I've met along the way,
I've made an effort to keep around,
No matter how much further I progress in life,
My friends will always remain part of me.

This post is specially dedicated to my friends who have truly been through thick and thin with me and have still stuck around and also to my current batch of friends that I know will also be there for me when I need them. True friends stand up when the rest backs off. You never know who your true friends are until your back is to a wall. Friendships are easily lost or broken but it is how you stregthen or mend the ones that matter most to you that counts.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Some Friends.....

I've always considered myself lucky to be surrounded by many good friends. Friends that I can rely on and trust. I've always tried to make an effort to keep in touch with all my friends, especially if they aren't around. Some friends are really worth the effort and it doesn't hurt to set aside some time and effort to ensure that the gap of friendship does not grow too wide although the distance ain't near. Some friends will always remain close although you may not see each other often or even talk to each other often. Friendship is never about proximity or physical closeness. Its about the connection between 2 individuals. I would say that I have my fair amount of friends who I really do try my best to ensure that nothing comes between us because I feel that they are certainly worth every single effort that I put in.

While it puts a smile on my face to recall friends that I have around me, I have to admint that I've made my fair amount of mistakes with friends as well. Some friends who I thought were worth the effort turned out to be a great letdown. Although the saying goes "Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me", I have to disagree with that. Words from someone who is important to you can really hurt real bad. Hurtful words from a close friend can really shatter your heart, this coming from first hand experience. Some people might think I expect the world from my friends, but honestly I only expect the bare minimum. To be treated like how your other friends are treated. But sometimes I feel that I'm used as a fall guy, an excuse or even just a butler or a personal assistant there to help but never to get anything in return. I am a friend, not a servant. I will always do my best to help my friends in need, but there's definitely a limit with all things. And I guess, in the end, some friends just aren't worth any effort at all.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year Post......

Happy New Year all..... Welcome to the year 2006, where 2005 is the past and 2007 is the future. Thanks to all my friends for all the memories in 2005 and I hope that 2006 brings fresh and better times for all of us. Special thanks to the bunch of buddies who spent new year's eve with me. Had a great time although I didn't drink much. It is nice not to be loud once in awhile.

Well, anyway.... I really hope that 2006 will be a good year for all of us. My new year resolution is to save more money in order to furnish my trip to Australia or wherever and also for future use (i.e. marriage and etc.... :p ). Just FYI, I'm actually planning to go for a holiday to Australia, while my friends are still working there. Heh heh, at least I get free accomodation while they are still there. So if anyone is interested, please do let me know yah. We can go together if the timing is right. I actually would like to visit Tazmania, Perth and maybe Sydney as well while I'm in Australia. Might as well kill multiple birds with one stone right? Its much cheaper if I just go everywhere there is in Australia while im there rather than fly back to Australia just to visit different places.

Another year, another brand new 365 days to cherish. Lets take this journey 1 day at a time until we reach the end of the road. Lets spend these times with great company and strive through adversity together. At the end of the day, lets hold our heads up high and stand proud of ourselves. :) Happy working all!!! Good luck studying to the rest of you.