Sunday, March 26, 2006

It feels like yesterday.....

It feels like yesterday,
That we went to high school,
I still feel the embarassement,
Of wearing shorts on the first day of school;
It feels like yesterday,
That we joined the Leo Club,
I still remember the love we had,
For the club we supported;
It feels like yesterday,
That we had our Leo forums,
I still remember the tears I shed,
And the support I had from my friends;
It feels like yesterday,
I went to APIIT,
I still remember the friends I made,
And I'm grateful they're still around;
It feels like yesterday,
That we stayed up till the wee hours,
I still remember the stress we went through,
And also the fun we had;
It feels like yesterday,
That I went for my first interview,
I still remember the nervousness,
And I'm glad that's over;
It feels like yesterday,
That I went in for my first day,
I still remember the weird glances I got,
And nowthose glances have become smiles;
It feels like yesterday,
That I met you,
I still remember the smile you wore on your face,
And it amazes me that it's still always there;
It feels like yesterday,
That my heart couldn't stop smiling,
But wait,
It wasn't yesterday,
Its everyday now since the day I met you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

10 Things You May Not Know About Kevin...

Had some self reflection time and these are 10 things that you may or may not know about me....

1. I like girls with round faces. I went through all the girls that I've liked previously and I realised that most of them have round faces. Haha... I guess its cause I've always liked cute girls and I guess most cute girls have round faces?!?!

2. I get emotional listening to the song 'First Love' by Utada Hikaru. This song meant a lot to me before and still does.

3. I have really low will power.

4. I have REALLY low self-esteem although it doesn't show all the time.

5. I can't stand incompetency. I just can't understand why some people can't use their common sense and think a little.

6. I find independance and competency on a girl a huge turn on. I just can't stand bimbo girls who always need help from guys. Stand up for yourself and prove it to the world you can do work. Rely on yourself.

7. I'm very loud especially around people I'm comfortable with or people that I know. But when it comes to strangers I tend to keep quiet a bit more. However, when it comes to the girl I'm interested in or some girl my friends are trying to intro to me; I get cold feet and become super quiet.

8. I've only ever told 2 people that I loved them and truly meant it. 1 of them being my "mui" who is in Tazmania now whom I love with all my heart as a younger sister.

9. I'm a pure pessimist. I always prefer to look at things on the worse side of things. I'm looking at the glass as half empty.

10. I think the sound of the saxephone is just so romantic. I like Kenny G and I think instrumental hits with piano, guitar, violin and etc. rock as well.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Evaluate Me.....

I'm really bored with nothing better to do now so please don't blame me. Go evaluate me at the webbie below

Thanks. Read the instructions first pls. Thanks.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Memoirs of Long Lost Friends.....

I'm awake at 345 am on a Saturday EARLY morning because I got woken up by a SMS around 115 am and I can't seem to fall back asleep as yet. The good thing about waking up at this time is that I got to watch the results show of American Idol 5. So far so good, my early favourites are still in. :)

Sometimes, I really like being awake at this time because it gives me time to reflect. It gives me time to think, to remember my past and to ponder the future. As I was lying on my bed, it suddenly struck me that I awfully miss my "mui", Tze Yee. Its been awhile since I've spoken to her. I really do miss the times where we would just talk on the phone to catch up and all but those times seems like a moment in the past now. With our busy schedules and time zone differences we can't seem to find a suitable to talk to one another. I just tried calling her but I ended up waking her up at 630 am her time. Whooops!

As I continues to stare at my ceiling, I also thought of my friend who is a SIA air stewardess. At one point of time, we were fairly close but I've not seen her online or even spoken to her for ages now. She did drop me an e-mail during Christmas but I have yet to reply it. I will be sending her an e-mail shortly after this post to see how she's doing and all. Its amazing how 2 people who have not seen each other for ages now can still remain pretty close friends. :)

At the same time, I just dropped a SMS to my friend Alicia in the US. Everytime she comes back we'll surely meet up and I think its safe to say that both of us really cherish our friendship and we appreciate each other being there. I have nothing but praises for her and I think she's definitely one of the best person that I've ever come upon.

The best thing about my friendships with these friends as well as many others is that they are totally platonic relationships. These are true friendships that I would never want to change anything about them. I've realised that in my life and probably in most people's lives, we will have many friends who won't be around us physically but I feel that the bond between true friends will never die no matter how far apart they are physically. What's most important is that the bond and the friendship is strong. Friends will always remain friends no matter where they are.