Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nothing is Impossible

AH! How often have we heard this phrase? Or how often have we used this phrase to encourage our friends to try harder and not be demotivated? Sad to say.... there are things that are impossible. Do you think it is possible to force yourself to grow taller? If you're done growing, I don't believe that it's possible to grow and extra inch if you've already fully grown. Do you think it's possible to fit 50 people into a Kancil?! Don't you feel that it's an impossible feat? When there's a will there's a way you say?! So if I really REALLY want to grow taller when I'm 40 years old I will?! If I'm strong willed to fit 50 people into a Kancil does that mean it's possible? I don't think so... please correct me if I'm wrong. I want to fly without the aid of mechanics or other equipment. Do you really think that's physically possible?? Nothing is impossible? BAH! Bullsh*t!

Oh by the way, I watched Fantastic Four in GSC 1 Utama today. The movie was alright not too bad. But I just want to mention that Row A is simply the BEST seats in the house. Although it's situated all the way in the back, but they have EXTREMELY large leg room. FUIYOH! I was so excited man! I could constantly swish my legs left and right, front and back and I wouldn't hit the chair in front. I'm going to try for Row A next time no matter what movie I'm watching. I tried unsuccessfully to take a good photo to show exactly how HUGE the leg room is. :p Haha... You'll have to see it to believe it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Not Up To It

I really want to blog and I have so many things to blog about but I just don't think I should. A lot of people have been pre-judging me and many more will continue to do that if I blogged about the things I want to. Not that I really care what other people think about me but I'm just sick and tired of getting pre-judged. Life is too short to care what unimportant people think about you. I'd rather just enjoy my moments of solitude or spend it with important and outstanding friends. I feel like opening another blog using an anouynmous nick where I can just blog about anything that I want to without anyone knowing who I am. The only problem with that is no one is going to visit it. :p

Saturday, July 23, 2005


In my life, I feel that there are 5 types of friends. However, this applies only to me and me alone. You could probably only categorise them into 1 type or even 10 types. I guess this defers for everybody.

Great Friends

For me, not many friends fall under this category. These are my friends which whom I value the most. Although they might not be people I always hang out with but deep down inside me, I know how much these friends really mean to me. They are the ones whom I will call whenever I need someone to talk to. Even if I don’t talk to them about my problems, just hearing their voice and knowing that I’ll never be alone as long as I have them is good enough for me. I have to admit that I’m very protective of these friends and if anything were to happen to them, I’d take it personally. They matter THAT much to me. Although we may not be close physically but I really feel we share a sense of closeness in our hearts. I really feel extremely comfortable in front of these people as I know they will not judge me. I am totally honest with them because I feel that there’s nothing to hide. I want them to know who I really am and that’s the bottom line.

Close Friends

This is reserved for my close friends who I always hangout with, joke around with and share joy, laughter and a little heartache with. Seriously, without these friends I wouldn’t know where I’ll be today. When majority of my close friends from high school left, I thought how am I going to survive? But thankfully, I found a new bunch of close friends who’ve stuck with me till now no matter how irritating and frustrating I’ve been. And now 2 groups of close friends have sort of merged into 1 BIGGER group. I really do enjoy the company of this circle of friends and I know that no matter what happens, I can turn to them as well. Although they’ll probably tease me SUPER DUPER a lot when it’s all over but I know they’ll be supportive when they have to be. :p Yes yes, thank all of my close friends in my life.


Ah… friends. This covers all of the people who I treat as friends. Friends who I’d make an effort to catch up with. Friends who I try my best to see how they’re doing. Friends who I feel glad seeing them after a long period of time. People who’ll treat me as equals. Just friends.


These are people who I’ve basically met in my journey of life. Friends of friends who were introduced to me. People who I most of the time just say Hi! and Bye! to if I bump into them. People who I’ll ask the most common of questions. “So how’ve you been?” “What you’ve been up to?” I do mean it when I ask them those questions, I really am interested in getting to them more, it’s just you can’t deny the fact that we aren’t all that close.


Ah! My last category of friends, or in this case “friends”. People who were once my friends but has now been “transferred” to a different category. People who act as though they are my friends in real life, put on a smile and talk to me as though nothing is wrong. Yet, behind my back I feel the knives coming and the hyenas laughing. These people are simple the BEST people in the world. I mean like “WOW!”. We were born with only 1 face, yet these people were able to conjure up another. AMAZING!! When you bump into them again, they’ll act as if I’m their long lost cousin or something. I’ve been feeling that people actually think this is a prestigious group and have been “requesting” to be put in to this group. It’s frame Kevin week anyway. Why not jump all of you jump on the bandwagon?

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I was going to rant once more today. But I realised that some people just aren't worth my time. Instead, I'll blog about something which I personally feel is very important. Firstly, let me start by apologizing to my bumiputra friends. I am not defaming your race or religion, I am however giving my opinions (which aren't very complimentary) on certain people of your race and religion.

If you didn't hear already, UMNO Youth has stated that they would like the New Economic Policy (NEP) to return. The purpose of the NEP is to ensure that the 30% bumiputra stake of corporate ownership was maintained. If you'll allow me to quote Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin,

“No need to hide. This is the Malay agenda. We want 30% equity for the bumiputras so that they will be on par with the other races.”

Why do you look down on your own race?! Do you feel that it isn't possible for you all to be on par with the other races without enlisting the help of the government? Does it make you feel proud if you really do make it on par with the other races through not your own abilities but the government's funding? I'm sorry for you if that's what it takes to make you happy. Indirectly you are telling the entire world that Malays aren't capable of being on par with the other races without the 30% equity for the bumiputras. Gee.. way to make your people look good man.

Next I would like to comment on Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, son of Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad. Our ex-prime minister was and still is someone who I greatly admire. However, I have to comment that his son seems a far cry from his dad's superiority.

"He said the NEP had allowed Malays to compete successfully with other races globally."

Yet again somebody has implied that the Malays aren't able to compete successfully with the other races without the help of the NEP. Do you really have so little faith in your own people that you think they cannot succeed in life without the NEP? Even if it's true that it is only through NEP that these people have reaped success, do you think it's right to continue spoon feeding them?! Do you feel that it's ideal to continue treating them like kids?! In school our teachers always say "We cannot keep giving you the answers. You must answer them on your own." So what's this? Why don't the Education Ministry just follow the example of the NEP and give us exams with answers in the back page? What's the difference to offering the NEP to bumis?

Again I quote from The Star newspaper :

Mukhriz said the Malays were not poor businessmen, bangsat (despicable) or a backward race.

“We are the descendents of a race that once ruled an empire. Our people are known for its culture and resourcefulness,” he said.

If you really feel that Malays are such great people, then why do you still want to request for the NEP? Can't you just make it on your own without the help of other people? I refuse to believe that someone who feels the need to enlist the help of others can think so highly of themselves. I'll only truly respect you if you deserve it by striving on your own and accomplishing your success through your own sweat and blood. And anyhow, it doesn't matter what your ancestors did. It doesn't matter if your father was Tarzan, King of the Jungle or George of the Jungle. You'll only be remembered for what you've done in your lifetime and not what your ancestors did in theirs. But I'll give him one thing though. Your people are REALLY known for being resourceful. Using other people's money to claim your own success. Knowing where to dig for water in a desert land. Now THAT's what I call resourceful.

In conclusion, I would like to add that you shouldn't judge people by generalizing. I'm sure there is a super long list of successful Malays who achieved everything through their own efforts. These are the true Malays whom I will take my hat off to and sincerely respect. Climbing to the top of the mountain through their own efforts. BRAVO!! These are the people you should look up to, NOT the people who gain success through the efforts of others.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I'm not sure if it's my patience wearing thin or I've just reached my limit but I really have to say that I can't stand it when people speak half truths (especially about me larh... since it is MY blog anyway). I seriously hate it when my friends tell half truths to my other friends with stuff regarding to me. I mean wtf man?! Not only did you leave out important and relevant information, but you also added in FALSE information that you made up to cover the holes. I mean although the things you say may not be important and I should not mind but it is FRICKING irritating to be hearing stories that are only have true about me.

Another thing which I totally HATE is people jumping to conclusions about me. Sigh, this seems to be happening so very often. Just cause you don't know the FULL story, you've already started blaming me. WTF LARH?!?! Might as well blame everything on me. Why don't you blame me for the FRICKING London bombings just cause I'm a Malaysian and 1 of the bombers had a Malaysian neighbour?! It's DAMN irritating to be blamed for something that I didn't even do ok?!?! So you say I influenced other people to do something?!?! You don't even know the first word of the story and you're already blaming me?! Sorry to say larh but if they are so easily influenced you need to check check on them first before even looking at me. You can't just force someone to go against their own will. Stop passing judgement even before you know the whole story man. All you heard was one sentence and you assumed 5 other sentences and jumped to your own conclusion. Good job!!! Why don't you read the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and conclude the entire book there and then. SCREW the other chapters! Who needs them?! Definitely not you. (*the angst in this paragraph is not directed at the incident related to the outing at Velvet last night*)

Possibly the thing which I hate the MOST is when people keep on REPEATING the SAME story OVER and OVER AGAIN! I mean come on man! You think I really like hearing you tell EVERY SINGLE Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Jill and Little Red Riding Hood that we meet about some DAMN incident that happened AGES ago?!?! An incident that I barely even remember!! An incident that in my opinion was very innocent but you make it sound as though the WHOLE DAMN Earth is going to explode! I've already given up trying to expain myself. Me not defending myself DOESN'T mean that you're right. It just means that I don't give a damn about your Jack and the Beanstalk story. I know you mean no harm with the story and you're merely teasing but after hearing it for the 8765434567th (*totally random number*) time, I'm sick, bored and tired of listening to it. If you're not sick of telling people about it, my ears are sick of listening to it.

I know that sometimes I jump to conclusions and tell half truths too. You probably hate it as much as I do. You might even think this is the case of the pot calling the kettle black. I won't say I'm not guilty free of the following deeds. I honestly probably am guilty for doing the things above. If I have pissed any of you off in any kind of way. Please do come up to me and tell me. Sometimes I know we all do things we do not realise hurts or irritates other people. I am no exception so please do let me know if I have done anything wrong to you.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Friday Night Dreams

YEAH!! The week has ended!! Gosh, I really had so much to do last week. I'm relieved and glad that the weekends are here. It wasn't exactly a very bad week, just a busy and a little tiring week. I'm glad I've more or less wrapped up the current project I'm on at work. :)

Heh heh, I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little disappointed. During my "beauty sleep" I had nice pleasant Friday Night Dreams. So I woke up feeling as though it was a Saturday morning.... but deep down I knew it was a Friday morning. SIGH!!! Friday Night Dreams are dreams I usually have on weekends where I'll dream of playing, having fun and just enjoying myself. They're different from weekday dreams where I'll dream of work, driving to work and other boring stuff. Sigh, so you get my disappointment when I woke up thinking it was a Saturday only to realise it was a Friday and I still had work to do. I only left the office at 645pm yesterday to wrap up my work. Sorry to say larh... but that's already quite late in my books :p

La la la.... I've had a bit of diarrhoea going on for.... 3 days now.. I STRONGLY belive it's because of the SUPER DUPER heavy supper I had at Murni's on Wednesday night. 1 longan JUMBO and 1 mee utara = GG Kev. Anyway, I kinda deserve to be still sick in a way. Haha... This is what you get for eating curry and durian while having diarrhoea. :p Btw, I've yet to watch any movies in the cinema yet besides Batman Begins. Anyone wants to date me? Please feel free to call me. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


First of all, I'd like to admit that I removed my previous post. I did that because I felt that it wasn't right for me to publicize such feelings although no names were mentioned.

Anyway, I'm not been very happy for the past week or so. It's not that something specific is bothering me, it's more of me not having anything to motivate myself. I just feel that I'm missing that extra spark in life at this moment. But I try not to let it bother me. There's always a brighter side in life. Just suck it up and put a smile no your face. We always have the choice of looking at the glass if it's half full or half empty. I choose to look at the glass as though it's half empty but I convince myself to be satisfied that at least it's not empty.

I'm unhappy with how things are turning out for me. But I do my best not to complain anymore. I try to deal with things by myself these days. Gone are the days were I'll call up every Jane, Jill and Judy to express my sadness. I realised that I was only burdening my friends with my problems and I'd rather keep it all to myself these days. Friends can't always be there for you although I will always try my best to. What more can I do but smile and be glad that I'm trying to depend on myself a bit more?!

A smile doesn't always mean a person is happy. It could mean so many different things. You think a the smile drawn on a clown's face means that he is happy? Ever thought of It the clown?? You think that whenever I smile at you I'm happy? Well, think twice. If everything was so straight forward life would be so easy. Life isn't always about ABCs and 123s. When we were in kindagarden, all we learnt was 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. etc... then as we grew up we learnt things like 2.. 4.. 6.. 8... and somewhere along the line we learnt 1.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 5.. 8.. 13.. 21.. Isn't that just like life? All we ever thought of when we were babies were drinking milk and sleeping. Now we have to face the facts of buying our own milk and getting sufficient sleep. As we grow stronger, life grows harder. Smile and reminiscent the times when A = Apple, B = Boy, C = Cat instead of A = Anarchists, B = Blood and gore, C = Chemical warfare.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Wow, Luna Bar at Wisma Pan Global is such a GREAT chill out place. The view and ambience there is simply breathtaking. A bird's eye view of Kuala Lumpur at night while having a drink, compliemented by the right company; what more can one ask for? I had great company at Luna Bar on Saturday night; having met up with many of my secondary friends. Although I won't say it seems like yesterday that I left high school but I just felt so "at home" on Saturday night. Truly a great time to catch up and all. Anyway, back to Luna Bar. Wow! I would definitely bring my future potential victim there is she hasn't been there before. The ambience is honestly simply the best. Wow man. Hats off to whoever came up with the idea for the bar. 2 thumbs up!

I haven't been feeling my best in the past few days. I miss having someone special to talk to and relay my problems to. By someone special I don't necessary mean a partner. It could be just an extremely close female friend who I feel comfortable being around and telling things to. I've felt rather alone in this aspect for some time now. I've already seriously given up on a few used to be close friends. Depressing, disappointing but very real. Have you ever felt that you're always the one doing the talking, the calling or even the initiator for almost everything; until you feel like a hindrance instead of a friend? Well, I honestly feel this way with some friends. I mean I understand if I don't make an effort to keep in touch. I really dislike people who say "OH! Like that larh! Never call me for so long!! Friend some more!" and yet they don't look at themselves first and realise that they didn't put an effort to keep in touch either. The pot calling the kettle black.

But when I make an effort and get nothing in return, I guess it's best I just give up. Somethings just don't always stay the same. I don't really want to care, but it just isn't all that easy for me to let go of a close friend. Well, maybe I did something wrong in the past that I'm unaware of. Who knows?! Sigh, my phone bills used to sky rocket into the RM 80s and 90s for me alone but it's prolly like in the RM 30s now? Honestly, I do miss having someone to confide to. Someone to share everything with. Someone who will understand you no matter what. Someone who'll scold you when you're wrong. Someone who'll share your joy when something goes right. Someone who'll just listen, someone who'll ask you to shut up and put you back in place. Someone who'll just be there....... someone........

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Sigh, I've been dreaming of the same person for the past 2-3 days now. This made me wonder, do our dreams really speak of what our heart yearns to say? I did not expect to have these dreams at this point of time and obviously I can't change the channels. This got me wondering, what's up with the dreams?!?! Well, before any of you get any ideas in the demented minds of yours, let me first clarify that these aren't any naughty or steamy dreams or non-dry dreams either. These are decent U-Rated dreams.

Nothing really happened in the dreams, but just the fact that it "starred" the same person over and over again kind of bothered me a little. It's rather "coincidental" if you ask me. I had the feeling I was watching old Sylvester Stallone movies. Rocky, Over the Top, Rambo and etc. larh. Same actor different movies. All in the same time span with the same expressions. ZZzzZzZZZzzZzz at least there weren't any re-runs or serials. Rocky 1 - 5, Rambo 1 - 4 = No thanx. Imagine Dream 1 - 5!!
Episode 1 - The Dream
Episode 2 - The Attack of the Dream
Episode 3 - The Dream Strikes Back
Episode 4 - The Dream Revisited
Episode 5 - The Return of the Dream

Like that I can have my own theme song for the dreams already. Maybe it'll sound a little like the Happy Tree Friends theme song.

I need someone to interpret my dreams for me!!!