Monday, June 27, 2005

Who Am I

Over the past week or so, I've been doing some personality tests just for the fun of it. I found most of them fairly true. But I guess you've got to be open minded about it. It is got to be nearly impossible for them to pin point your real personality from just a few questions. But I personally found it quite true for me. Maybe it is different for everyone else. The tests are found here if anyone wants to try. Do post up your results if you don't mind sharing.

My Inkblot Report

My unconscious mind is driven most by Self Protection. Hahaha... when I first got that result I was like WTH?! Self protection?!?! What's that?!?! Ok ok... this is what the test says....

By having your unconscious mind driven most by Self-protection, it appears that you've developed a kind of shield to keep you from either experiencing or expressing strong emotions. This barrier might have formed due to some hurtful situation in your past, or perhaps it's simply your way of minimizing discord and pain. As a result, you're not likely to say hurtful things that you'll have to apologize for later. Unlike many people, you're not normally one to fly off the handle. As one with this unconscious drive, you might find that you tend to intellectualize emotional issues rather than becoming upset or overwrought. This can be a way of distancing ourself from painful feelings.

Hrm... if you ask me, I would say that it is quite true lorh. I mean I find this quite true yet not surprising lar. I shall not comment too much on it.

My True Talent Report

Apparently, my PRIMARY career talent is Abstract Reasoning.... My first reaction to that was what IS abstract reasoning. Ok, I'm just going to copy and paste from the website so I won't embarrass myself in case there's an English expert reading my blog.

You are especially good at processing complex information in a clear and logical manner. As a result, you may be the first person colleagues run to if there's a tough problem to be solved. When handed a new challenge, you're likely to look at it from every angle possible to understand its many aspects before arriving at a thoughtful solution. You seem to understand that answers are rarely clear-cut. People around you probably appreciate this ability to hone in on the gray areas of thorny situations. You can be a first-class thinker.While you may think that having a strength like abstract reasoning sounds very boring, it's really not. You're probably one of those rare folks who can mix two unrelated ideas together to come up with a great new one. Most people aren't as skillful at applying facts outside of their usual contexts as you are. People like you tend to use keen observational skills and analytical prowess in ways that result in clever new solutions and novel perspectives. This combination of strategic thinking and creativity can be an incredible value in a business environment.

Ok, I find this one nearly extremely true lorh. Although I was a little devastated when I found out that another ability is numerical ability. Oh gosh! How did I not score on that?!?! *bummed*

Enneagram Report

The last test report that I'm going to post up is my enneagram report. I'm a Humanitarian. Ok.. quote again.

As a Type 2, The Humanitarian, you can feel strongly that your purpose on earth is to be of service to others and to make a difference in the world. Indeed, it's likely that you have a very clear image of yourself as a helper. Whether you take on responsibility in your family, your community, or on a global level, you may need to feel that you're having a positive impact for your life to feel balanced and right. As a result, you probably get involved in a great variety of projects, sometimes over-extending yourself because you have trouble saying no. You may figure that there's no way you can refuse when there's so much to be done in the world. This kind of caring is an admirable trait. Just make sure that you leave yourself time to rest.

Hah! This is another one which I say it's quite true. ESPECIALLY towards girls. :p I'm sure most of my guy friends can attest to that. Bobby will probably say I'm a man-whore but whatever!! :p

That's all for now. I actually did a few more tests which are quite lame so I didn't bother posting them up.

Friday, June 24, 2005

No Comments

Kevin isn't a very patient man. Kevin doesn't like to wait for people. Yet, Kevin waited for more than 2 hours at KLCC. Kevin walked around carrying his laptop bag for that entire duration. Kevin finished reading 2 Archie double digests and 1 normal Archie comic. Kevin was bored out of his brains. Do you Kevin would have been pissed?? Sure, under different circumstances Kevin would have been pissed for having to wait so long. But the answer is no. Kevin walked around with a skip and a hop in his stride, read Archie books with an open mind and stood around looking at nonsensical stuff with a smile and a grin on his face. People were probably looking at me thinking "What's wrong with this guy, walking around lugging that heavy laptop bag while smiling to himself?!!?!"

Was the wait worth it in the end? Yeah sure, Kevin had fun talking and joking over dinner. The company was as sweet and enjoyable as he last remembered. Catching up with friends is something Kevin has always enjoyed. Kevin fetched her back home and yet again the small talk during the journey was pleasant to say the least. Waiting for 2 over hours definitely built up some suspense and anticipation. How would Kevin react after months and months of anticipation? What would be thought of Kevin?? Did he put on weight?! Flurry of thoughts rushed through Kevin's mind as that moment drew closer and closer. EXCITEMENT! SUSPENSE! INTRIGUE! It cannot be denied that the company is such a wonderful person. Then they met up. Everything was great, BUT ............

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weekly Update

So far it has been an eventful week. Been at the client’s office since Monday. My senior has been assigned to Labuan for a week, so I’ve been there alone so far. Thank goodness for the financial auditors there if not I’ll be bored out of my brain. I guess that is one good thing about my job is that I get to meet many people from different departments. This group of financial auditors is really friendly and nice, so it hasn’t been too difficult to make small talk here and there.

Today started AWFULLY for me. Firstly, I forgot my organizer. Thankfully I remembered it before entering the lift. Then, I realized that I had forgotten my tie just as I was to step into the car. Thankfully my dad said he had an extra tie in the office so I could take his. Worst of all, my wallet dropped out from my pants pocket while I was in the car so I had to return to the car to retrieve it. Sigh, if this morning is any indication of how my day will go, I’m looking forward to it ending. It isn’t even 9pm and I’m already dreading the day.

For those that do not know, I went up Genting over the weekend. Julian and Wei Lik drove up on Friday night and we came down on Saturday evening. I DEFINITELY had a good time there. Not like I won any money or anything but it was good because I had time to enjoy myself without any qualms. It was real fun to just hang out and chill out with Wei Lik, Yin Ping, Bobby, Yoong and Julian there. Just looking for the mamak at 1-2am in the morning was already a mini-adventure for all of us. Haha…. We did go to the Casino, but I didn’t gamble. Gambling just isn’t my thing. Yeah yeah, I know I’m sure a bore but too bad. :p Anyway, I watched other people gambling away their money. I couldn’t really grasp the whole concept of Baccarat although I was trying my best to pay attention to it. The rules of Blackjack there are ENTIRELY different from the rules we play during Chinese New Year. Roulette has got to be the most boring thing in the world and slots is just lame. :p

Besides that, we really had fun drinking and talking in the rooms. Haha… more pictures of my holding alcohol coming soon. :p Further information on what happened next shall within the Fellowship of the Beer in Genting. Hahaha… but all in all, I would say the Genting trip was money well spent. Don’t worry Jues, I won’t run away with your toll and petrol money. 

An all guys trip is always fun, because every kind of rubbish and crap you can think of will definitely come out. Guys among guys will never hold back whatever stupid thing is in their mind. But that’s the fun part you see. If everyone just opens up and be themselves, it is definitely a great time. But of course, if you go for a short trip with girls it is also fun in its own way. ESPECIALLY if it is a girl you can really talk to or you kind of have feelings for. Just taking late night walks in the near-cold Genting weather, talking about anything under the sun (moon in this case), doing nothing special but just enjoying each others company. Makes me wish I had someone to spend such quality time with. 

PS. Mandy and Cindy may not reply to the last part of this post because I do not want to spend such quality time with the 2 of you. :p Besides the both of them, any other girls are more than welcomed to submit your “CV” to me. Hahaha….. OH OH! Bobby is not allowed to apply either. :p

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Silly School Kids

Another week went by without much excitement until the story on the road bullies in Victoria Institute came out in the news. Story link is here. For those that do not know, Victoria Institute is supposed to be an extremely good secondary school in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Although the focus is on the bullies but I feel that the victim did it to himself. I mean come on, he decided that he was more important than the others and proceeded to cut the queue to the sick room. What is that?! It is a sick room! Where's did his conscience and manners run to?! Although he probably did not deserved to get beat up but he truly did it to himself. Kids these days.

This story was followed up with a statement from the Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein saying that he will protect the victims of school bullies. No offense but how much assurance or protection can you give these victims if they are targetted by gangs? Can you protect them 24/7 from other members of the gang although you assaulters are thrown out from school? Are you going to call the cops in to follow the victims in school, to their car and back home? Sigh, school gangs are so much bigger than that. Hats of to him if he really tries his best but don't promise things you can't do. I'm not saying he can't protect them fully, but I personally doubt it.

School gangs and bullies have always been around. Even back in the secondary school days, although gang fights were few and far between but they were definitely not a fantasy. Being a prefect, it was pretty obvious who the kids who required "special" attention were. Lucky for me, I never got into real trouble with them. Maybe I was a little pussy who didn't dare challenge them but being an aggressive prefect was never my style. I always believed that it is better to talk things out an negotiate a little, give and take a little rather than screaming, shouting or threatening them. I guess everybody has their own style. Some people prefer being the threatening kind but if I was at the receiving end, I would hardly give a damn. Well, I guess if I wasn't a prefect I would be a rebellious little punk. :p

Sigh... these brings back memories of the good ol' school days. Parangs, flying kicks, masked Malay gangsters, chases around the school and many more. Wow... such "fond" memories. Haha... I remember looking out from my classroom window to see some Malay gangsters running away from a group of Chinese gangsters, a car pulling up, opening its trunk and out comes the parangs. CHASE CHASE CHASE!! After that, got censored by the school walls. :p

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Love & Relationships

I had a nice conversation with a friend (name withheld due to confidentiality) just the other day. We were talking about relationships. Friend mentioned that it’s always a little hard to let go of a past relationship until you’ve found someone new. I couldn’t have said it better myself and I added that you won’t really fully let go until you find someone knew. I’m not hinting that I’m still interested in my ex or anything. Although I may sound as if I’m contradicting myself but I have let go of my past relationship. The distance between the both of us really made a huge difference. But there are times when I feel rather lonely that I look back and remember how nice it was to have a girlfriend around. Being my one and only ex, of course there was no one else for me to look back to, so I guess I haven’t fully let go yet. I can’t possibly try to “remember” how “nice” it was to hug Angelina Jolie or someone else right? Of course I can only truly remember how nice it was when it really happened. Although I’ve gotten over the stage of wanting to get back together with her, but I doesn’t change the fact that it felt good to have a girlfriend and it does bring back good memories when I’m feeling all alone. So for my case and apparently friend’s too, we agree that the getting over phase is encouraged to pass faster if there’s someone new in our lives.

Another thing that friend said was we don’t really forget about the people we like before. Although friend was probably referring to a past relationship, but I feel that it is very true for me in the sense of people I’ve liked before, not only past relationships. I mean I’m not the kind that really likes or forgets a person that easily. If I had actually tried to go after a girl and I failed miserably, the feeling of like just doesn’t go away all that easily. After months of minimal communication, the memories of what a great catch she would be flows back into my mind. All the reasons why I liked her previously will just continue gushing back in. There has to be some substantial reasons why I fell for her in the first place. In all honesty, there might not be as much feelings involved this time compared to previously, but just remembering those times makes me wanna know her better all over again. I’m not really the type that can move on with their life after facing rejection. To me, every girl I’ve fallen for are special in their own way and therefore I’ll always remember what was it about them that made me fall or them. Sigh, I wish I could just move on.

Failing one may not mean failing again but falling flat on your face makes you smarter the second time round. Your brain tells you not to embarrass yourself again, yet your heart tells you to give it another try. Well, see how it goes.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

HORRIFIC Parenting

Most Malaysians would know about the 4 young boys who got lost in Fraser's Hill while jungle trekking. Thank God they were found alive and kicking 3-4 days after going missing. Sure, everyone is glad that they are safe and all but I would like to comment that I personally feel that their parents are super duper irresponsible. I mean, yor kids are only 9, 10, 14 and 16 and you let them wander off into the woods all alone with no adult supervision?!?! I'm sorry to say but I think that that shows no sense of responsibiliy what so ever.

When I have my own kids, I'll give my children more freedom once they reach Form 4 or 5 depending on the situation in the future. :p I'll most probably allow my Form 4 son to go jungle trekking without adult supervision (ala scouts) but I'll DEFINITELY disallow him to bring my other younger sons along. That is IF I have enough sons to pull that off. :p In my own opinion that's just plain stupidity. I honestly don't care if my children call me over-protective and inconsiderate but I'd much rather be an inconsiderate dad who still has many chances to make up for it than to be remembered/known as the cool and understanding dad who has no children to continue being cool and understanding.

I know I should be extremely thankful that they survived this ordeal. Don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY thankful that they managed to come through this experience all healthy and well. But I believe the fact that the parents should have done a better parenting job here has been put aside due to the anxiety to find them and now the joy of finding them. This is only in my own opinion.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Negara siapa?

I know this is actually old news (i.e. Wednesday's news) but I still want to blog about this. For those who do not know yet, the Malaysian government encouraging cinemas to play our national anthem before the airing of each movie. The article is found here. You'll have to excuse me for finding this EXTREMELY silly. Apparently this is to evoke a sense of patriotism and pride in Malaysians. Sad to say, if I'm forced to stand up and sing that darned song everytime I watch a movie, it will actually promote a sense of hatred and dispise for the song instead. I mean don't you think it is so silly to force something like that down people's throat? Not only will it not make me feel prouder to be a Malaysian, but I would detest the song and the government for enforcing such a stupid rule.

Sad to say, our Negaraku is pale in comparison with the national anthem of America which is rather catchy. There have been numerous people who auditioned for American Idol by singing their national anthem although not many were good enough. But imagine if someone actually sang Negaraku for Malaysian Idol auditions. Gosh! I'm sure that would be an extremely stupid decision. Firstly, the song is SO slow and dead and the song has no beat or harmony what so ever.

With a note of finality, I would like to say that IF the Negaraku is played at the beginning of my movies, the government may have successfully forced me to listen to it but that doesn't mean they can force me to stand and sing it. Well, it's up to them what happens. I personally think it's degrading and silly to do that. You think the Malaysian public would actually respect the country more for doing that?! Well, it is their decision. Fight it out among themselves and decide. May the man who accepts the most bribes win.